ATLANTA (WAOK)- Funeral services for former Georgia State Senator Robert Brown, who died last week have now been announced.

The homegoing celebration will be held on Wednesday, December 14, 2011, at 1 p.m. at Greater Zion Hill Missionary Baptist Church,
2656 Napier Avenue in Macon, Georgia. 

Macon Police Department spokeswoman Jami Gaudet says the 61-year-old Brown died of a single gunshot wound to the head in an apparent suicide.

The 19-year senator from Macon was first elected in a special election in 1991 to fill an unexpired term. Brown led the senate chamber’s Democrats from 2005 until this year, when he left state politics to run for Mayor of Macon. 

Senator Brown was also very active in various civic organizations around the state including Let Us Make Man , the annual day long conference for young men sponsored each year by WAOK’s Derrick Boazman.

Georgia Representative John Lewis said: “He was a voice for the voiceless, an eloquent advocate for equal treatment and even-handed justice for those who never have a chance to face the State Senate and plead their case.  At a time when the role of compassion is ignored in public policy, when poverty is on the rise and the struggles of the unemployed, the homeless and everyday working people have fallen on deaf ears within the chambers of government, we need a man like Senator Brown to remind us of the good that government can do. This state has lost an honorable man, at a time when men of honor are in short supply.  Sen. Robert Brown will be deeply missed.”

Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle says he admired Brown’s “passionate public service and unwavering commitment to his constituents” and called him “one of the sharpest political minds in the Senate.”

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed said, “I am deeply saddened about the death of State Senator Robert Brown. He was an extraordinary public servant who cared about working-class people and issues such as education, healthcare and job creation not only in Macon, but throughout the state. He was a strong Democratic leader in the General Assembly and a tenacious fighter for his constituents. He was not only a colleague, but also a friend and mentor to me for many years while we served in the Senate. His passing is a great loss for the entire state of Georgia.”

For more information on the services call 478-746-2389

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  1. Sharon says:

    This situation is sad in reference to the former state senator, Mr. Robert Brown. Perhaps his legacy of doing good community work /public service will shine inspite of this tragedy.

  2. cltdale says:

    This kind of thing is happening more and more – suicide,
    The senator may have been a extraordinary person -but why would a extraordinary person killed himself.
    I know people are going through stressful times -but i can’t see myself killing myself.
    I love life too much to kill myself

  3. George Boston Rhynes says:

    Georgia State Senator Robert Brown
    Never forgot rural Georgia and never punk out under pressure!

    My Last Words and Special Comments in honor of the Great Senator Robert Brown! (Recorded in Valdosta, Georgia just 18 miles from Brooks County Georgia, home of the Quitman 10)

    TO: My Fellow Georgians and Americans

    As a retired military veteran living in Valdosta-Lowndes county Georgia will only publish the following links in recognizing the most Honorable Senator Robert Brown. He can as a breath of fresh air as we watched the Quitman 10 all but be ignored by the Quitman Free Press and other Georgia News Papers along with television stations.

    Look! I witnessed Senator Robert Brown speak in Quitman, Georgia about the local news paper in Quitman, Georgia. See and listen to what he had to say about the Quitman 10, and what others said about the Quitman 10! This is a few words that show the greatness of this outstanding human being.

    The Quitman 10, and Senator Brown work to insure justice is rendered in this alleged voter fraud case!

    We respect him although the South Georgia News Media White Machine ignore every visit he made in support of the Quitman 10. It seems as if Georgia Voting Rights are of little to no importance to many in South Georgia. They made Senator Brown to appear as the rejected stone that the builders rejected.

    However, he has been included in the Historic Archival Records of South Georgia and every visit he made to South Georgia will be retained for coming generations. He was truly a patriot among today’s reverse patriots and Christians. To better understand this great man one only need to follow the links below and others on the internet. Peace, love, and understanding.

    What did the Quitman Free Press say to Senator Robert Brown

    1. George Boston Rhynes Interviewed the Senator Robert Brown in Macon in Support of the Quitman 10.

    2. The Quitman 10 with Senator Robert Brown in Brooks County Georgia for Support.

    3. Senator Brown worked in smaller forgotten Communities: Quitman 10,

    4. Senator Brown “When people get a taste of freedom” Quitman 10 Support.

    5. Senator Robert Brown in Quitman, Georgia for support of the Quitman 10.

    6. Senator Robert Brown Ignored on several visits to South Georgia in support of the Quitman 10. (If the citizens of South Georgia are wrong please challenge with truth)

    7. News Media Whiteout of Senator Robert Brown in Walker Street School
    (support of the Quitman 10)

    8. Senator Robert Brown and Quitman 10: “This is very, very serious business”

    9. Both Senator Brown and Retired School Board of Education Member Ignored at public meeting in support of “The Quitman 10”

    10. Senator Brown: The Quitman 10 is the most important movement in GEORGIA! (His actual Quote)

    11. Senator Robert Brown and Retired Educator Ms Gladys Lee were ignored by South Georgia Media at meeting in support of the “Quitman 10“

    Retired United States Forces Military Veteran
    A concerned citizen and brother of all humanity

    Also see:,

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