OMG Gossip Girl… how can you do this to me?!? I have the biggest love-hate relationship with cliff hangers, but I undoubtably HATE the wait that I have to endure over the next month and a half until the next Gossip Girl episode airs. My dreams finally came true when Chair (Chuck + Blair for those of you completely out of the loop) finally got their act together and realized they were meant for each other. It has taken all season for Louis to finally get out of the picture. Now I know some of you guys out there were Dair fans (Dan + Blair…DUH!) but you must realize that there is no way Dan would be able to handle the high maintenance Blair, let alone the social events and lifestyle she lives. There is a reason why Dan is always on the outside – he doesn’t enjoy the Upper East Side way of living! Chuck, on the other hand, has become the perfect man. He is handsome and dresses impeccably (come on gentlemen, let’s bring the three-piece suit and ascot back!), and is madly in love with Blair. He is also just as sickly twisted as she.

I was ecstatic as I saw Chair run off together, but the show wouldn’t let me bask in this happiness for long. Silly me. The writers had to add some type of problem in there was a car crash – of course. I am surprised they chose that since this is the THIRD car accident they have used in the show. Even I could have thought of something better. I am just hoping that Chuck will not meet the same fate his father did in his car crash. We can all breathe a sigh of relief knowing Blair will be alright (the health of the baby is unknown) but what about Chuck?!?!?!? After working so hard to change and finally getting Blair back, he simply cannot die! We need his despicable, warped maneuvers that we love to hate. I think I can say with confidence that Blair and Chuck are currently the two most interesting characters on the show. My predictions are that Chuck will survive, though I wouldn’t be surprised if he had some type of amnesia or brain damage. Perhaps he’ll forget about Blair. However, I do not think that Blair’s baby will survive. I find it hard to believe that they are going to bring another baby on the show. (Didn’t work out well with Georgina and Dan…)

In regards to the conniving character Ivy, while I am glad she owned up to being a fraud, I was hoping someone else would out her so that she was caught by surprise. I know she means well, but I was dying for her true identity to be discovered. Ivy telling Rufus herself didn’t make it very dramatic. I was hoping one of Ivy’s relatives would show up or something! In the promo for January, we did not see how Ivy telling the truth affects the family. It seems like this drama is (understandably) overshadowed by the accident. I am just happy that “Charlie” is off the show. Her voice was way too raspy and it always sounded like she was sick or hoarse. Come on; just drink some tea with honey! Also, don’t forget GG fans, once Ivy is gone, the question arises “What happened to the real Charlie?” My brain is turning with all the interesting scenarios that could explain the missing Charlie. I hope what the writers decide on can measure up. I’m sure what they reveal will be a delicious scandal and I, much like Gossip Girl, love hearing about those.

But until January, I will be dreaming of Chuck in his dapper suit …

georgia girl

  1. laurabroad says:

    I have the same love/hate relationship with cliffhangers! I am so annoyed with the ending! A car accident? Really? Anyway, I knew something bad was about to happen to Chuck. Characters always reform and become so likeable right before something terrible happens.

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