The last few days have been EXTREMELY eventful because of new developments surrounding two of the most talked about men in Atlanta and abroad.

Bishop Eddie L. Long‘s marriage has ended, which has caused him to take a leave of absense from his ministry, and so is the same for Rev. Herman Cain‘s presidential campaign… the jury is still out on what will happen with his marriage.

As for Powertalk, discussion, thoughts, opinions and even a little JUDGMENT laced our conversation, but as customary on Mondays, the Sisters-In-Law, Attys. Janice & Daveda Mathis, chimed in to bring clarity and correction! Listen to the conversation below:






  1. brotherman03 says:

    Eddie Long created embrrassing issues for NB. The minute this story broke, he should have been cussing, fussing, etc. While the stories then was hard to believe, but the end results…it shows it was some truth and the blame-line there was a 5th person involved. What hurt the most was his statements about fighting in court, then fail to tell his congregation about what happen. His wife did as she was suppose to do; stand firm, listen and be supportive. As things played out…she too found that her Bishop Husband was not the man she thought he was! I am deeply sorry for what has happen, but Old Time Preachers were settle, they never showed their wealth-openly. They could preach while other minister just talk their way out sunday after sunday. I do know that many of NB members are still hanging on to Long, but his was a show seen by those who wanted to be iin with the incrowd and that they were! Had Long told the truth from the beginning, he would have been looked at differently; made to resigned but stayed on as a supporting role in NB. Cain, well he fail time he start his bid for the president. He fail to put all of his issues on the table. Regardless how many women came out of the corners; he could beat ithem. What killed him was the 13 years of secrets and then his wife did not know! The bottom line to all of this is, long, Cain could not supersede their actions. The media was not at fault, people was not at fault, Long and Cain destroyed themselves, a dilemma they will never forget no matter how much money, homes, cars, pizza, etc., they have. If they could rescind any of that, they both would fair well; but even I know that is ridiculous making that tpe of statement. How do you undo what you have done? So the story has to end some where along the way…both Long and Cain can say it was good in the beginning; but eneither one of them knew when to fold their hands. The more they gamble, the more they lost. It took themselves to spoil the remaining cards they had to play. If they did not cash in, then, they lost all of their winnings. Cain marriage is aggressive looked at by his wife….who know! I will end with this, December 7, 1941. We are really getting suprised about all of these Preachers not taking their own advice. So how can anyone of them stand before you and called themselves Bishop and Minister?

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