Walmart Customers Pricked With Needles

ATLANTA (WAOK)- Two Walmart customers in Cartersville, near Atlanta say they were pricked with syringes, hidden in clothing inside a store on Market Place Boulevard in Bartow county. One woman said while shopping at the store on Black Friday, she reached to pull a bra from a shelf, when she was pricked with a syringe. Another customer, a 14 year old girl, said a similar incident happened to her after buying some pajama pants at the same Walmart. The teen said after trying on the pants she was stuck in the toe with a needle, hidden in the foot. Another customer reported, finding a needle in the back pocket of a pair of women’s slacks. Walmart managers admit, that they found a syringe in some socks in the store. Both women have undergone testing for any possible diseases, but it could take weeks, or even months to get the results.

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