Washington (WAOK/Washington Post)-Herman Cain’s turn atop the polls in the contest for the Republican presidential nomination captured the attention of journalists and pundits and sparked excitement among grass-roots conservative activists. But is it really possible that he — a black man who overcame poverty in the segregated South to become a wealthy entrepreneur and front-runner in the GOP race — would be the one to bring African American voters back to their original political home?

Cain seems to think so.  In a mailer sent to Iowa voters recently, the Cain referenced his upbringing and said confidently that he could accomplish the task. Cain said,  “As a descendent of slaves I can lead the Republican party to victory by garnering a large share of the black vote, something that has not been done since Dwight Eisenhower garnered 41 percent of the black vote in 1956.”

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Comments (4)
  1. Jay says:

    Can Herman Cain Bring Black Voters Back To The Republican Party?

    No. We’re “brainwashed”, remember?

  2. Gerry from Loganville says:

    Yup, you are brainwashed.

  3. Hot Dog says:

    Herman is a liar. He does not NEED plantation votes, REMEMBER?

  4. Esteems says:

    Emphatically No! Herman Cain is insulting in every way to us. He epitomizes the very mindset of the placating, shuffling, brainwashed negro [never to be mistakened for an African American, even as Black]. His views offer ZERO hope to any of us for becoming Republican voters, a party, incidentally, that is completely different in its current platform meaning than what it represented in the days of Eisenhower… and even before. The Federalist who now view this ‘republic’ are not inclusive in their principles, at least where social consciousness comes into play.

    Herman Cain’s very temperment should be a waring to any decent person, African American or otherwise that his foot is firmly planted on a landmine, ready to explode subversively in all of our faces. Herman’s ignorance with statements like….”Libya, Libya,… hmmmm, now let me see [here boss]”!!! Just a Buffoon with a couple of dollars, he is.

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