On today’s Powertalk w/ Lorraine Jacques White, our host had a conversation with a key player in the Penn State Scandal, Atty. Jeff Anderson, who is on the frontlines of legal matters surrounding the debacle! Listen to what he had to say about the case, those involved and what we should expect in the coming weeks:

PART 1 – 

PART 2 – 

THEN, it was time to talk about “Black Faces in White Places”, an empowering discussion with the man who wrote the book, Dr. Randal Pinkett, where we addressed the challenges that African Americans have in achieving certain levels of success in white, corporate America. He also shared strategies that we need to implement to put Black America back to work. Listen in on their conversation:

PART 1 – 

PART 2 – 

PART 3 – 

PART 4 – 

  1. sircharles19 says:

    Everyone has a duty to report abuse, domestic, children, seniors etc. When we reach a certain status, we make big mistakes like we are above the laws and everyone else. Penn State, Bishop Long, to name a few and others who have assume that they are untouchable….dragging along those who place their trust in them only to help destroy that trust doing stupid things and forcing themselves upon them be they men or women and children. We live on earth for a certain time, if we are not reaching back bring someone along with us so that they mignt have a chance to fulfill their lives instead, we often help to destroy it. Long and Sandusky and many other assume they were untouchable; but when you hurt people lives and destroy their thinking, it is the worse thing a human can do to another human! Forget the proof; because it was an open but by people not reporting what they saw, or even make attempts to see if it was happening regardless of those status of people who were doing it. What is deeply saden is, both Long and Sandusky lied about their involvements with boys. No amount of money, fame, status, or even how many football games won, or even how many churches one had or how many members in a church, that don’t mane or prove nothing when you live an satan and evil life. Darkness are a way that open one’s eyes to the fact that you think you might not ever get caught or be disposed. One person open the door and you can close it before all of the things that are negative comes from that door being open! Penn State, Newbirth Church will never heal; regardless how much you hear or don’t hear about it. The walls and its contents will be no more!

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