Store Owners Give Sunday Sales of Alcohol Passing Grade

EAST POINT, Ga (WAOK)- Sunday alcohol sales made an otherwise normal day kind of special. Several metro cities allowed residents to buy alcohol on Sunday for the first time. Roswell, Sandy Springs, College Park, and East Point were just a few of the cities where the new law went into effect. The owners of a package goods store in East Point on Camp Creek Parkway said sales were better than normal. In fact the exact words used were, “It was like a holiday. People were coming in from all over the area buying beer and wine – just because they could.”

In some other areas business was slow because customers were not totally aware that they could now buy booze on Sundays.

Consumers seemed to be happy about the ability to buy what they want now when they leave the Falcons game or the movies on a Sunday afternoon.

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  • Sarah

    Real estate/property taxes are down and there is another way to bring in more revenue through the courts system by getting you to buy alcohol on Sundays, get drunk and keep the legal system in business..All this talk about morality, but these people will quickly sell you alcohol on the so called holy day because cash is king..Next up, legalize prostitution and marijuana to keep the coffers fill…

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