NORCROSS, Ga. (CBS Atlanta) — Police say a burglar signed into Facebook from a computer inside a home he broke into before sprinting from the scene.

Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Cpl. Jake Smith told CBS Atlanta it wasn’t hard to ID the burglar as Trevor Jones, 34, of Cobb County. The harder part is finding him as warrants were issued for his arrest.

According to the incident report, Jones backed his silver Ford Taurus into Stephanie White’s driveway while she went out for a walk.

When White returned, she saw the car still in the driveway with windows down and engine running. She entered the home through the garage and called out.

Hearing no one, she snagged a wallet with Jones’ parole card and driver’s license and his car keys from the open car before running up her street to a neighbor’s house.

After White confronted Jones in the driveway, he ran before swimming across the small pond in the subdivision. Once across, reports said Jones broke into neighbor Lynn Roberts’ house.

She told police there were pools of water scattered upstairs and wet clothing that she thought were used by the burglar to dry off.

From the couch, he signed into Facebook. Jones suggests it was to deactivate his account but could not confirm. Deactivated accounts do not surface in online searches.

Jones is charged with two counts of burglary and remains at large.

Comments (59)
  1. Snotty Waitperson says:

    What an idiot. He deserves to get caught

  2. TRE says:

    Darwin award nominee, except he didn’t die from his stupidity. He deserves to do some hard time in taxpayer-funded education programs for prisons.

    1. Defeatlliberals says:

      Too bad they didn’t post his facebook account name. 🙂

      1. Truth Detector says:

        If you actually read the article you know that your request is meaningless.

        “Jones suggests it was to deactivate his account..m.”

  3. Gary Cook says:

    This confirms what I’ve been saying for a long time- MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter would not be be so huge if it were not for so many idiots that need to use the sites. These Web sites are essentially for narcissistic, self-centered individuals that believe others really care. (In my humble opinion)

    1. Chr3000 says:

      “These Web sites are essentially for narcissistic, self-centered individuals that believe others really care.”
      Yes Gary, the same could be said about people who take the time comment on silly news stories. Guess what Gary, nobody cares about your Facebook opinion.

      1. Keefer Beefer says:

        I do.

      2. getbent says:

        me too!

      3. Facebook sucks says:

        The same could be said about morons who spend time defending Facebook against someone giving their opinion. Facebook sucks and you’re an idiot.

      4. Nancy Hicks says:

        I care, and second Gary’s opinion.

  4. Duh! says:

    I want one of those couches that conncts to the internet! Are they Wi-Fi ready?

  5. Proudnot2bliberal says:

    I give 200 million to 1 odds hes an Obama supporter!

    Hes as smart as the avgerage obama supporter

    1. proudnot2bliberal says:

      ^ oh great I miss spelled average

      1. Julie says:

        You also misspelled misspelled, but I knew what you meant.

      2. GrammarCop says:

        You also misspelled “misspelled” and “he’s”. If you’re going to comment on other people’s idiocy, try not being an idiot yourself first.

      3. Avenger says:

        Everyone knew what you meant, don’t worry about it Proud.

        Hey GrammarCop, make sure you know what you are talking about first before you open your pie hole. The guy was correcting his OWN sentence. What was it you said? Oh, yeah… “Try not being an idiot yourself first”.

      4. AvengerBum says:

        Hey Avenger, if you think you’re exceptionally smart, the period goes inside the quotation marks.

    2. Greg Jones says:

      Right on Proudnot2bliberal!!!

    3. Melissa in NorCal says:

      It really doesn’t matter. He is on parole. Hello??? Felony – no voting rights anymore. Duh! That said, I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that most career criminals (excluding politicians) are not terribly interested in politics.

      1. jbuttafucco says:

        since when did being a felon stop democrats from voting? hell, they vote for years after they die!!

    4. Kelly says:

      Lawdy you morons sure getting stale with that one

    5. YadaYadaYoda says:

      Hey avengerbum-you’re wrong. The period only goes within the quotation marks if you are quoting someone and ending their quote. In this instance Avenger was correct, he is quoting one word not a complete sentence.

  6. Joe Hawkins says:

    an Obama supporter, I am sure.

  7. Defeatliberals says:

    He’s my nomination for the 2011 DARWIN LIST. Under the DUMBEST category.

    1. Nancy Hicks says:

      Don’t you have to die to earn the award? The brightest thing this buck could do, would be to remove himself from the gene pool.

  8. Facebook Sucks says:

    Ban Facebook and save America.

  9. Kevin Winters says:

    Did he use the “Checking In” feature?

    1. Too Funny says:

      lol good one

  10. brad says:

    A little farther south and a bit warmer maybe and the alligators get a chocolate treat!

    1. Melissa in NorCal says:

      Ha ha ha ha ha. Why didn’t you throw in the “monkeys can’t swim” schtick too? Ha ha ha ha. Isn’t racism great?

  11. NY9Solyndra says:

    Another Obama voter gets busted trying to redistribute the wealth.

  12. Thomas Warmuth says:

    Any guesses who he plans to vote for?

  13. you are stupid says:

    wow, look at the ignorance on this page and then there’s the fb criminal

  14. KAFFE MILCH MIT says:

    OK.. I noticed the majority of you are assuming that this guy is an Obama supporter. What does that have to do with him being an idiot? Hate Obama’s policies all you want, but the man is no idiot. Further, compared with the bunch of GOP Catastrophes, you folks need to quit judging. You would be suprised how many people should be in prison – saved only by their power and money.

    The fact that you introduce Obama in this thread speaks to the sad underlying racist tones. I know you will deny it and claim “race card” or some other BS, but the reality is that the Obama correlation is not valid nor does it make sense. Most likely this guy can’t vote because of his record and believe it or not, many blacks don’t vote. I’d be more worried about your buddies who still believe Obama was not born in America. That darn Hawaii..

    Now back to the real story, this is hilarious! Trust me, these idiots come in all colors.

    1. Crazy 8 says:

      Another Obama supporter example… Hey Kaffee Milch Mit, Hawaii IS in America… LMBO!

    2. Bowers says:

      Well said. Let the insults pour in from egos that have been bruised.

  15. bumbo says:

    next time he will sit on the sofa watch jersey shore

  16. Dennis C. Latham says:

    He should get EXTRA TIME for this idiotic act.

  17. peaceman says:

    is there a reward out? i think i saw this guy yesterday.

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