Tuberculosis Breaks Out At Occupy Atlanta’s Base

ATLANTA (CBS Atlanta) – The home base for Occupy Atlanta has tested positive for tuberculosis.

The Fulton County Health Department confirmed Wednesday that residents at the homeless shelter where protesters have been occupying have contracted the drug-resistant disease. WGCL reports that a health department spokeswoman said there is a possibility that both Occupy Atlanta protesters and the homeless people in the shelter may still be at risk since tuberculosis is contracted through air contact.

“Over the last three months were have been two persons who have resided in this facility who have been diagnosed with confirmed or suspected infectious tuberculosis (TB),” said Fulton County Services Director Matthew McKenna in a written statement to CBS Atlanta. “One of these persons was confirmed to have a strain of TB that is resistant to a single, standard medication used to treat this condition. All person(s) identified as positive have begun treatment and are being monitored to ensure that medication is taken as directed.”

The Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless has indicated that two cases have been made public knowledge to the group, the first coming from someone who contracted the disease in September. The identities of the people who have contracted the disease, however, have not been disclosed by the health department to this point.

The news of the tuberculosis contractions could force Occupy Atlanta to move once again. WGCL reports that more than 100 protesters made the move to the homeless shelter Oct. 30 after Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed evicted Occupy Atlanta from Woodruff Park, citing that they were no longer allowed to camp out overnight. The homeless shelter is also facing an eviction of its own from the city.

Tim Franzen spokesman for Occupy Atlanta told WAOK’s Rob Redding that the group is not thinking about moving its headquarters from the homeless shelter because of the tuberculosis report. Read more about the report here

  • davec

    Look at the LIES in the headline!

    It did NOT break out in the Occupy movemment, it was a HOMELESS SHELTER.

    What the hell i the media so scared of OWS for?

    • siylence

      No one’s scared of OWS, we pity them. This entire farce of a movement that has been embraced by the MSM and Democrats is nothing more than Crimefest 2011. You have drug addicts, dealers, thieves, rapists, murderers and homeless all gathered together stealing taxpayer dollars, obstructing business and not to mention destroying public property and now spreading disease. This is not a political movement to rival the Tea party, it’s a cry for help from a bunch of left wing anarchist radicals with no cohesive goal or agenda, and no representative for public office, not that anyone would vote for such a candidate.

      This “occupy” scenario simply exposes the hypocrisy of all involved. They want jobs but hate corporations, they hate capitalism but expect to profit from it, they even trademarked the “occupy name” so they can “sell” memorabilia. They chant against the rich but use products and services they provide, and buy their clothes, drive their cars and talk on their phones and use their computers…They have been exposed. They are not credible and the entire country is sick of their hypocrisy. I just pray they go home and/or get help soon because Nov, 2012 is going to be a shock to their entire political/ideological world view.

    • patmurphy1965

      Nobody scared of you fools!!

      Just go away and take your infestations, affliction, bane, blot on the landscape, canker, contamination, corruption, curse, decay, dump, evil, eyesore, fungus, mildew, pest, pestilence, pollution, rot, scourge, sight, withering and woe.

    • jasmine


      What lies in the headline? The headline states -“Tuberculosis Breaks Out At Occupy Atlanta’s Base”

      And what part of the article did you not understand?:

      ===Tim Franzen spokesman for Occupy Atlanta told WAOK’s Rob Redding that the group is not thinking about moving its headquarters from the homeless shelter because of the tuberculosis report. ===

      This is a statement by the spokesman for Occupy Atlanta, who says their headquarters (headquarters = base) are located in the shelter. Is HE lying, too?

    • hinckleybuzzard

      Well, so far they have given us rapes, killings, theft, beatings, vandalism, disturbing the peace, drunk and disorderly, and now resistant TB. Sounds just like a gathering of the Young democrats.

    • Michaeltkennedy

      TB, you fool.


      UH, because they’re certifiably INSANE! Duh!

    • john

      Nobody is scared of OWS, they are a bunch of dirty hippie liberals and their presence is simply being tolerated, nothing more.

    • jeffery Stone

      Dear Dave if you went to a GOV public school I can understand your inability to read and COMPREHEND…the Occupy Base is “IN” THE HOMELESS SHELTER.

    • Amanda Ritari

      Actually, if you can even read the article, it says the movement has been using the shelter as its base. I know liberals are scared of facts and all, but jeez.

    • davec no heart

      Is this how you lefties help the homeless? By sending them to a shelter where they’ll get tuburculosis? Why do you want to kill the homeless? They are people just like everybody else.

    • Ghostsouls

      The protesters have been COMPLAINING that the homeless from the AREA have been infiltrated their protest site, and trying to sleep in their tents, and their area and get food from them…. So it doesn’t matter, if they got it at the homeless shelter or from someone else at the OWS site, people at the OWS protests are in danger, because they cannot weed out the homeless. OWS has become a hot bed of controversy for TB, drugs, prostitution, pimps, drugs, drug addicts, anarchists, you name it, what ever the ORIGINAL intent were for the OWS protesters, it is lost in the chaos that it has now become. NO one not you nor me knows EXACTLY where it broke out at, it could have been the homeless shelter, or OWS, the police station, the library, or wal-mart. The fact remains it’s there and everyone at OWS is in jeopardy, and everyone THEY come in contact with and so on and so on…

      • ladydi

        So go home idiots…unless as I fear, your home is under a rock…

    • J_Ruben_Kincaid

      Whats the difference

    • Rudy

      When a congress woman in Arizona was shot the media speculated that it must be prompted by the Tea Party. You wonder why the media accurately describes the disease, vandalism, violence, sexual assaults ,etc. that occur at these occupy events. The tea party rallied and then organized the vote. They did not become a public nuisance and eyesore.

      • Logo4245

        Well said. Thank you.

    • Ows

    • allah save us

      “Over the last three months were have been two persons who have resided in this facility who have been diagnosed with confirmed or suspected infectious tuberculosis”

      3 months huh? let me just pull up my callendar real quick…

      oh my… it appears ows started on september 17th…

      but wait it gets better, when did occupy atlanta begin? October 6.

      wait wait it gets EVEN BETTER, when did they move the headquarters to the homeless shelter? Oct 31, 2011

      biased article much?

      • ladydi

        God is good!!! TB might just clean ’em out!!!

    • Ratt

      FTA: “The Fulton County Health Department confirmed Wednesday that residents at the homeless shelter where protesters have been occupying have contracted the drug-resistant disease. ”

      Don’t read much do you ?

    • Happydots

      What’s the difference?

      • Hawkeye

        Mano… incredible idiot. What exactly has Drudge posted that is not true? You in all of your magnificent stupor cannot dfistinguish between your make believe commie world and reality. You obviously suffer from Dunning-Kruger Syndrome. Gets some help.
        By the way…How much are you getting paid by Soros ? OK, Maybe it’s the unions payiong you.
        Start a business and make some money. Then come back and tell us how you like paying for freeloaders like yourself.

    • Heat Seeker

      The headline reads, “Tuberculosis Breaks Out At Occupy Atlanta’s Base.”

      Occupy Atlanta’s base IS the homeless shelter. The headline is entirely accurate.

      As an FYI, the media LOVES OWS. That is why the media continues to portray the participants as sincere, committed, thoughtful idealists…not refugees from Mom and Dad’s basement trying to evade student loans, debit card fees, and responsibility generally.

      • Real world

        Oh Mr mano.. such a cute little boy! How old are you now, big boy, 10? you’re growing up so fast…. maybe soon you’ll be forming big boy opinions!!

        Seriously man, come on- it’s clear to us grown ups that Heat Seeker is referring to the MSM (oh sorry, that stands for main stream media)… that does not include Drudge. But nice try.. now go try on your big boy pants again.. and don’t poop in them this time!

      • MrMano

        In reply to REAL WORLD…

        How dense are you? Did you not read I said Drudgereport is an aggregator of MSN?

        Lets analyze this shall we?:
        Drudge headlines as of 11/10/11

        TB breaks out at Occupy Atlanta……..CBS (Is this mainstream news enough for ya?)
        Shooting at VT Occupy………Garnett Company (Owner of USA Today..MSN enough for ya?)
        Mayor serves Eviction…..The Oregonian (19th largest daily newspaper in the country. MSN enough for ya?)
        Plan to Crash New Years Rose Parade…..CBS (again, MSN enough for ya?)

        The Drudge Report registers more than 12 million UNIQUE hits per month, not including mobile iphone hits. (enough of an MSN aggregator for ya?)

        Now YOU go take a bath and put on your Underoos…tomorrow is a new opportunity for you to learn something.

      • allah save us

        TB breaks out at ‘Occupy Atlanta’…

        Shooting at Vt camp…

        ‘Occupy’ spreads to Harvard…

        Man arrested at ‘OWS’ for breaking EMT’s leg…

        Mayor serves eviction notice to ‘Occupy Portland’…

        which ones support OWS again?
        thats what i thought

      • MrMano

        I’ll tell ya what….
        If the media loves OWS so much then I implore you to visit everyday (which is a news aggregator ) and tell me after a week what you saw. More articles in support of OWS or more against. As someone who has kept a good eye on the media portrayal of these events it is clear the media is completely against OWS.

      • MrMano

        “Media Loves OWS”….hahahaha


    • cntrlfrk

      Oh, I don’t know, maybe 4 weeks of rampant rapes, drug dealing, assaults, and destruction of private property???


    • Casperini

      Ows occupied a homeless shelter, moron.

      • Dennis the Menace

        Moron???????HhMmmmm. What would you call a group of protesters that occupy a shelter where T.B. has been present?? Oh ya….Indoctrinated!!!!!!!!!!

      • Chris

        Minus the “shelter.”

    • JohnK

      The media has gone out of their way to whitewash the dark side of OWS. Here’s a list of 189 incidents of lawlessness.

      How many of these have you seen in the establishment media?

      • Bunky

        someone committed a crime, therefore I can commit a crime or excuse them.

      • dredd

        Remember william… it’s “the Chicago way”…

        The Donks are DOOMED!

      • william

        What the media needs to do is go review the record of violence perpetrated at the hands of union members. My family and I were direct victims of union violence/retribution. I have seen the devastation of property and people as a result of them not getting what they want. I would love to see their reaction if people came after their families the way they do others. What a bunch of pathetic cowards. The situation I was involved in resulted in massive property damage that could have easily led to someones death had they merely been standing a few feet in either direction, i.e. shots fired through vehicles, office windows, etc. Nothing but a bunch of ignorant barbarians with no respect for anything but themselves. I have zero respect, sympathy, empathy for anyone associated with unions after what I experienced. Stand and face me like a man – no, they are cowards who go after their targets under the cover of dark and disguise. Pathetic cowards, all of you!

      • JohnK

        Tim Rue, if only you understood that I know what is going on with the “banking industry,” maybe we could come to a consensus. But you assume I’m not aware of the problems. That is NOT the case. So we will never see the same solutions to the problems we have. That’s sad, because we could actually fix the problems if we did.

      • Tim Rue

        For a rap sheet on Banks just google “Bank Fraud”
        …shrug… Or is that just to easy?

    • Caligula

      good question. after all..they’re lefties just like you all.

      • capt-ATL

        Stevo is just afraid of the Republicans reducing or having him pick up trash in return for the food stamps that magically show up on his EBT card.

      • jtorgerson

        LMAO Stevo. This from a guy who’s group recites every word spoken to them in Borg-like accord.

        Hey Stevo – “Mike Check!”

      • Justsayin

        The media isn’t afraid of the Occupy Movement. They love the hell out of all the money it’s making them.

      • speedstan

        The Tea Party is doing fine. Unlike your group of diseased malcontents, most Tea Party people are grown adults with real responsibilities. They conduct their protests peacefully, clean up after themselves, and go home at the end of the day.

      • iamdan

        the Obama PEE PARTY has no message , just like Obama has no plan.

      • ubuibi

        I’d much rather be a member of the Tea Party, than what you people have developed into…….the FLEA PARTY!!!!!

      • Cole Campbell


      • Mommy's Boy Detector

        Stevo, you need to get out of your mom’s basement. Put some clothes on, go outside and get some fresh air!

      • stevo

        mentally ill freak detected. Hey hows that tea party going? Oh wait, the republicans haven’t told you what to think yet.Its ok,sheep like you never choose,you only wait to obey.

    • bloody

      read the whole article, it says some of the OWS people have been staying there recently, around the last paragraph.

    • MorganGray

      Um… read the rest of the article; “The home base for Occupy Atlanta has tested positive for TB”.
      Let me try to say that in small words for you: Drug resistant TB has been found in the homeless shelter being used as living quarters for the (not-so-homeless) occupy Atlanta gang.
      The story is accurate. There has been a TB breakout at occupy Atlanta’s base.
      Why are the media scared of OWS? (notice? no dangling participle?)
      They are afraid that you thugs will threaten to stab them in the throat with a pen, just like they did Jesse Waters.
      They are afraid that you flea-baggers will carry a deadly disease into the rest of the community at large.
      They are afraid you will attract disease carrying rats, fleas, lice, ticks and other vermin to your filthy encampments, which vermin will then spread into *our* communities.
      They are afraid the predatory rapists and druggies, and murderers who are attracted to your defenseless members will spread into the rest of the community and carrying with them, that violence.
      They are afraid the riots, the rock throwing, the fire-bombings will spread.
      They are afraid every time something happens that you flea-baggers don’t like, they will wake up and find a mob of violent, unwashed, hate-filled, disease-carrying, predators camped on their doorsteps.
      This isn’t politics, this isn’t free-speech. This is the attempted tyranny of the mob.

  • Ben Dover

    Occupy a Free Clinic!

    • capt ATL

      they will probably want someone with a job to pay the medical bills!!

    • Truth speaks

      Shouldn’t the title to this story read…an outbreak at a homeless shelter? Not Occupy Atlanta’s Base… the media is so biased..

      • yup

        they moved the headquarters to the homeless shelter on Oct 31, 2011

        yet the article states TB had been found 3 months before.

        blantly bias

        “gotta get those clicks from drudge! ad revenue baby!”

    • ILikeRush

      Occupy Guns, Occupy Tuberculosis, Occupy STD’s. Occupy Rape, Occupy young boys, Occupy Lice, Occupy drugs. Y’all have fun now.

      • dbbdavis

        I like Rush,

        Great Comment

    • imnicerthanur

      They need to be quarantined. Somewhere near Camp Sumter, with protection from the elements and plumbing of course. :-)

    • ollie

      Hey kiddies…you’re still on mom and dad’s healthcare plan (thanks to Barry). Go get checked out.

      • Brittany Lewis

        It’s amazing how much you live in a bubble. Are you even aware how many “moms and dads” never had health care to even offer to their kids? Or how many “kiddies” are only in college because they’ve sold their souls to the debt machine to get by? Apparently your privilege is too strong for you to realize that there are other people in America OTHER than rich white kids. That there are people who are 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 years old, whose 401k’s were STOLEN when by their former employers, and there are families whose homes were STOLEN when banks illegally foreclosed on them and illegally sold their homes, there are teens who come out because they have no clue what a future even MEANS anymore, and yes there ARE idealistic college kids out there but when in the world did you start to believe that ONLY rich people go to college. There’s no Occupy Princeton or Occupy Harvard. The students who are occupying are $20,000 to hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. Where are the rich entitled kids? I’ve never met one and I’m on my 2nd degree. Everyone I know in school is paying for it themselves. They either have multiple jobs, they’re like me struggling to keep their own businesses afloat, or their relying on loans to live and PRAYING things will turn slightly better once we’re done with our masters programs… or Doctorates.
        The very very small percentage of %1 who show up at protests are there out of empathy for their fellow man. They recognize that all it takes is a Madoff or Enron and you’re whole world can change. All it takes is a few late payments on a bill and suddenly you’ve got a debt repayment percentage of 29.99%.

        Similar to the protests of the past, you choose to sit on the sidelines with the naysayers and lie to yourself about what’s going on. Lie to yourself about the facts. Since we created the Federal Reserve the American Dollar has decreased 2000%. Bankers run america from the top to the bottom, and unless we can elect officials who aren’t being purchased and placed by top corporations it will never change and get worse.

        I wonder what it’s like to live in such a bubble like yours. I bet it’s nice and shiny in there in your land of privilege. Perhaps ignorance really IS bliss.

      • JMJ

        Crazy thing, Brittany… No on FORCED them to take out those loans. It’s not MY fault that they took out loans they couldn’t afford to go party for 4 years and then get degrees that weren’t worth the paper they were printed on. Some of us got JOBS and work FULL TIME while we go to school. It does cut down on the time spent at frat houses getting drunk and sleeping with people we won’t be able to remember in the morning but some of us are doing it anyway.

        Maybe if more of them had gotten degrees in subjects actually worth studying rather than wasting their time on psychology and political science… of course, an engineering degree might have required actual studying.

        I’m not responsible for their inability to live up to their own mistakes and it isn’t my problem that they can’t face the reality of a situation that they walked into with their eyes open.

    • jerrystroud

      Gee, The God fearing Tea Party people do not have these issues. Maybe God is having a little fun with these non-believers.

    • morales

      You mean the occupy poop party.

    • P. Henry

      My god, the story was written by an illiterate. America is lost.

    • Dredd

      disease ridden, maggot infested, FM types…

    • Logo4245

      Somewhere there is a lawyer trying to figure a way that these morns can sue the city for catching TB.

      • Midge Morton Masters

        “The law does not pretend to punish everything that is dishonest. That would seriously interfere with business.” ~ Clarence Darrow

    • Whitey Ford

      I absolutely love it! These filthy commie whiners represent everything that is wrong with our increasingly sell-entitled nanny state. Personal responsibility and freedom, that’s the American Way. Don’t like it? Move to Greece. Buh-bye.

      • Hal McCombs

        People like Whitey Ford need to die? Is that right, Stevo?

        You nasty, little dirtbag. Great job convincing people of your ideas, idiot.

      • Jon

        “You and whose army are going to make him die, Stevo?”

        There are 300 MILLION guns in private hands in the United States. In 2009, more guns were sold to those hands than the entire Chinese and Indian armies COMBINED own.

        Should these Occupy idiots get too froggy, their life expectancy will be very brief indeed.

      • Leonard W Giddens Jr

        Aids will be the next out break. Occupy is a desease waiting to happen. I would not walk 100 yards near those pig stys. The smell alone will take you out.

      • thurston

        AMEN!! This herd of trashbaggin socialists may finally be thinned out. I hope they all infect each other with their nastiness.

      • miked

        if they all die its no big loss good ridence

      • ILikeRush

        Stevo Go hang out and get some of that TB. Find yourself a girl with an STD maybe aids.

      • stevo

        i will bring her back to ya’lls double wide before her court hearing monday pops.

      • Orville Reddenbacher

        Stevo—When did you get electricity to your trailer park?

      • joe Hadenuff

        Steve, the first target in the next CW.

      • concerned

        You and whose army are going to make him die, Stevo?

      • James Streeter

        You first, Stevo.

      • stevo

        people like you need to die

    • anonymous

      but the occupy atlanta has been using it as a base. read the second sentence

      • Caligula

        duh…yeah. thanks captain obvious.

      • K

        Bigger issue, resistant TB. HIGHLY contagious and they want to STAY in the shelter? What’s sad is OWS and their agenda is so important that they don’t even protect their own. Heads up! People still die from TB morons!

      • Matt O

        Actually you really need to fact check this article
        for example compare it to this

    • Caligula

      they already did that to combat their rampant STDs.

      • Orville Reddenbacher


      • TJAX

        Nobody cares what SEE-BS says anymore

    • Luke Thomas

      That’s what America gets for letting all of these ILLEGAL ALIENS into the Country!

  • RJ

    If the protesters had been allowed to congregate someplace other than a HOMELESS SHELTER, maybe this could have been avoided.

    • ladydi

      Oh boo hoo….we have all gone so far out of our way to accomodate the “protesters” and we are sick to death with the entire movement. Enough is enough. You haven’t even made your point because you never really knew what it was…except you want something for nothing…good luck…I hope that never happens. Get a job like all the rest of us DECENT people!

    • unbeliever

      I guess RJ is willing to let them set up at his house. It may be incovenient at first, but so is having to close down your business and fire your employees because customers can’t get in because of the protestors exercising their God given rights to infringe on others.

    • glenp

      how about at your house you schlitstain?

    • John Towers

      They could congregate at a military recruiting center and get an f*****g job

      • Idonttolerateidiots

        John, you must be crazy. I don’t want those idiots in my army. I think WAY too much of the military to burden them with those ows loosers.

    • jgalt

      purchase your own private property and occupy it all you want

    • Heat Seeker

      They can congregate just about anyplace they want.

      There are plenty of vacant shops in the area. Rent one. There are plenty of office parks. Rent some space. The participants stay someplace; meet there.

      However, let me be clear: I was fine with leaving them in the park.

      Let me be clearer: I think the authorities should have put up fences and LOCKED them in there.

    • wodun

      You want the government to GIVE you a place you can set up your Obamaville? OWS claims of entitlement know no bounds.

      • David B

        TS is such a stickler for the truth…the accurate it ok if I label the OWs’ers as douchbaggers protesting for more Big-Brother paid for by Big-Brother?

      • jgalt

        the current name is Poopstock

      • Brassia

        I think the best and most appropriate place would be in front of 1600 Pennsilvania Ave- the culpit of all destruction and devastation bestowed on our country by the illegal alien in WH and his radical revolutionaries -Czars….

      • ts

        Get it right, They were called Hoovervilles first.

    • JohnK

      Yeah, if they were congregating on a job site, this would almost certainly have been avoided.

    • Get a permit, losers

      Do you mean campout/sleep at the homeless shelter? The reason I ask is because they can use just about any public place to congregate to get the “message” out and use their 1st Amendment. However, camping/sleeping at that said public place is not legal nor is it how a democracy works.

      • Happydots

        ts, I love you.

      • Brassia

        Provided they obtain the permit for their gatherings during the day…just like all Tea Party rallies had to do!!!! As well as obtain the insurance for the duration of the rally and portable toilets. I know -our group had to do all that in order to be able to get the permissoin from the autorities!

      • ts

        The United Stats of America is not a democracy. I really wish that people like you and the teachers that teach that would stop. The United States of America is a Constitutional Republic.

    • Martin Looter

      Hi guys, you’re coming into our city and protesting against us. May we house you free of charge in one of our 5 star hotels?

  • The Conservatarian

    Now that the occupiers are a public health risk, can they be made to leave?

    • Dennis the Menaceb

      They just may get a lesson on “Facial Recognition Software” in the very near future. You know when it comes time for them to pay for the clean up!!!!!

    • Brassia

      Their conduct and unsanitary conditions pose a danger to cities thay congregate…the disease may spread fast…it is rather scary…
      Here goes Obama’s secret plan to use them for his reelection as brown shirts….doubt they will be able to last that long now….
      Maybe their parents will persuade them to come back to the basements…..

      • ladydi

        God is good!!Maybe more and m0re of them will get sick…and then they will have to leave. Problem is the rest of us will have to pay for their hospital bills…and that REALLY ticks me off…

    • ts

      NO. We want them to stay in the homeless shelter. This way we can quarantine them from the public until every last one has a negative TB test.

  • AtlasObjectivist

    It’s time to end this madness. These people have to rounded up.

  • Calypso

    They need to shut these squatter camps down. They are hot beds for crime and disease.

    If they want to protest, they can pick some days, get permits and keep their them short. It’s what the Tea Party did and they were extremely effective in promoting change.

    What are these grotesque squatters good at except advancing crime and now disease?

  • Jason in WA

    Ah, Mother Nature thinning out her herd. I think FEMA needs to quarantine them in the interests of public health. Morons.

    • David B

      No you can not! AIDS has show us that when dem voting blocks have a disease that it would be too much of a stigma to qyarantine them.

  • Caligula


  • Brians440

    Ha rich white kids mixing with homeless and they get to bring TB home with them. What will the folks at the country club say about that?

    • jasmine

      Just wait till they encounter fleas, scabies and lice . It’s what happens when people don’t bathe or change clothes very often. People who work in the medical field can tell you how easy it is to get scabies from homeless people. I know an xray tech who had to xray a homeless man and his wife wound up with scabies after she did her husband’s laundry.

      And, besides the STDs mentioned before, there are also two other communicable diseases that can be spread through close contact – influenza and hepatitus B.

    • Garfield Gordon

      rescind their membership lol :-)

  • Martin Looter

    Can someone please call in the National Guard and end this national embarrassment?

    • unbeliever

      Can’t call the Ntional Guard. They are all overseas being shot at for Obama.

    • ladydi

      AMEN!!! But those libs like it just the way it is…I can’t imagine why…seems pretty uncomfortable to me!!!

    • Garfield Gordon

      or at least the Iidiots from the public health dept who terrorize us into oblivion whenever there’s a new virus strain out there and bombard us with all kind of scaremongering campaigns, to make sure we put some money into the big Pharma pockets.. but don’t give sheite when there’s a real chance of TB spreading….why don’t they start a widely mediatized info campaign on the perils of TB (and other deseases) spreading out of that hygiene-challenged OWS crowd?…

      • David B

        Hey OWS’ers come on down the weather is nice and the food is yummy! be sure to stop by the group hug tent for the free drugs and free sex.

  • Joe

    How about having all the occupiers consolidate their efforts and form “Occupy Lincoln, Nebraska”?

    • jrey762

      No, send them to Grand Island instead so the Hornady company can have plenty of test subjects to try out new ballistic tips on ;-)

    • Dont Come Here

      Hey, I’m from Lincoln, NE!

    • cntrlfrk

      Because, Nebraska would kick the low-lifes out.


  • Mark in St. Louis, MO

    You know what they say, “Lie down with dogs . . .”

  • David Moore

    just cannot fix stupid.
    These OWS protest are so dumb on so many levels.

  • L-Dave

    I hope they intend to find non-big-pharma solutions to their TB!

  • Occupy Update: EMT Assaulted, Shots Fired, Illness Breaks Out | The Lonely Conservative

    […] news today on the Occupy movement that’s fully endorsed by Obama, the Democrats and the media.In Atlanta tuberculosis has broken out at the homeless shelter they took over.The Fulton County Health […]


    Why camp out at all??? Leave the homeless shelter to those who need it…the homeless. You can protest during the day. It’s not a party, it’s a protest. Go home.

  • RuRu

    We beat back TB years ago, along with measles, mumps, chicken pox, etc., etc. You can’;t tell me that it is not the illegals swarming into this country who are not inoculated against these diseases, that are not carrying these diseases back to the U.S. When you come here legally you have to be healthy. When you sneak in you can be carrying anything, but the Liberals want them all here to live among you and your children. How do you like that!!!

    • Happydots

      Oh, it’s absolutely the illegals who are bringing these darn near extinct diseases back to the US. It’s what the liberals want.

      • Garfield Gordon

        but, hey, thank to Obama we have ‘free care’ now to treat it :-)…so, there, winning :-)…

  • wodun

    Wow look at the OWS trying to defend the OWS protesters, “No really we are super clean! It is the homeless people’s fault blame them!”


    Have to wonder if OWS supporters have seen all of the videos of the protesters assaulting people and rioting, read the articles of people who have died, or the police blotters of OWS protesters firebombing buildings.

    They always have an excuse to justify their violence toward others.

    How do you think the OWS protesters would treat dissenters if they came to power?

    How many OWS protesters raped each other today?

  • allah save us

    Batten down the hatches!
    drudge zombies are coming!

    • Joe

      Which means you were reading Drudge, moron.

    • AllahisSatan

      Allah = Satan
      He’s really gonna save you! lol

      Devil worship much?

  • RuRu

    I hope you don’t have any children. these people are putting all of you in danger.
    The Liberals that want the open borders will allow the sick to stream in here and to infect our children. These people are occupied by illegals, this is where this i coming from. God Help us All.

  • Calypso

    “How about having all the occupiers consolidate their efforts and form “Occupy Lincoln, Nebraska”?” – Joe

    WHY? Occupy North Korea is a much better option. Many of these squatters are jonesen for Communism.

    We could load them into airbuses and drop them over Kim Jong Il’s worker’s paradise. They get their wish and we get rid of this unsanitary criminal element.

  • Alice

    Incredibly inaccurate and also misleading. Insinuates that all TB is drug resistant, which it is not. So, which strain has been discovered? Treatable TB, MDR-TB, or XDR-TB? Reporter needs to get some medical facts straight before scaring the general public. Typical media scare tactic.

    • Garfield Gordon

      yeah, wait until you get it, genius, and then report back to the ‘scaremongering’ media which one strain exactly it was….and how resistant for that matter….jeez, it should be illegal to be so moronic!!

    • JohnK

      “One of these persons was confirmed to have a strain of TB that is resistant to a single, standard medication used to treat this condition.”

      Did you even READ the article?

    • allah save us

      get your medical hocus pocus out of this drudgereport article.
      we dont like no thinkin round here

      • The ture God dose save us

        No most Drud readers don’t have to be told what to thank, they do it for themselfs, but if you want I think MSNBC is looking for someone to be told what to belive you would feel at home there.

      • JohnK

        “One of these persons was confirmed to have a strain of TB that is resistant to a single, standard medication used to treat this condition.”

        It’s IN THE FREAKING ARTICLE, genius. Read much?

  • imatwork

    dirty hippies.

    • Disc_Coastie

      Dirty Rotten Stinkin’ Hippies!! Send em to Gitmo!!

  • Major Domo

    Sinners reap the wind.

  • Jon Galt

    God is having fun with these imbiciles LOL

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