Take Your Gun To The Airport-Kiss It Goodbye

ATLANTA (AP) – Clayton County plans to crack down on passengers at Atlanta’s airport who brings guns to the security checkpoints.

Clayton Solicitor General Tasha Mosley says that anyone caught with a firearm in airport security checks can forget about ever getting the gun back. She said confiscated weapons will be destroyed under a new policy.

Authorities say 62 travelers arrested so far this year have been charged with bringing guns through security. Offenders have included business executives, students and a former assistant district attorney.

Passengers are booked into the Clayton County Jail for at least an overnight stay if a weapon is confiscated.

Many passengers have said they didn’t intend to break any laws, and forgot that a gun was in a bag or a briefcase.

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  • Ken

    Only white folks and rappers will be bothered by this. Their the only ones that think they are ATL (Above The Law). The rest of us lawabiding travelers don’t pack a gat when doing the plane thing. Traveling by car is a different story…………a whole whole different story

  • dhall

    only white folk and rappers? LOL. nice ken, and the gansta’ slang is a great touch.

  • Chas

    A weapon in checked-in baggage or in weapons container should be allowed.

    • XD-GEM

      It is. Check with the individual airline and TSA for proper packing instructions.

  • Ted

    Last time I checked the state has the burden of proof to show that a law was violated. Where does the TSA get off destroying private property that isn’t allowed through a checkpoint? As the queen said in Alice in wonderland–“No, no. Sentence first. Verdict afterwards.”

  • http://givemeliberty01.wordpress.com/2011/11/11/take-your-gun-to-the-airport-kiss-it-goodbye/ Take Your Gun To The Airport-Kiss It Goodbye « Give Me Liberty

    […] story below is from CBS Atlanta. This is the actions of a over zealous anti gunner. While it is not smart to carry in the airport. […]

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