Loganville, Ga. (CBS Atlanta) — One Georgia town is outraged after a local minister handed out plastic fetuses to children on Halloween.

Joshua Edmonds, head minister at “Project: Ignite,” said he gave out the models to children who were interested, but Loganville parents were not happy about it.

“Handing out fetuses to three-year-olds is just so smart,” Wendy Melton wrote on the church group’s Facebook page. “What is wrong with you people?”

Erika Marker added, “It is pathetic that you are resorting to these tactics and using them on CHILDREN!”

Edmonds told CBS Atlanta he didn’t understand the outrage.

“People assume that when we talk about life in the womb, it’s about abortion. But the whole point of the models is that life is complex then. It’s to respect life.”

He’s received mixed responses from the muddled message. They say that “respect life” is no different than “pro-life.” Some emails are threatening or sexually suggestive, but others are supportive and have asked to use his models in other demonstrations.

He told his followers that the controversy has only increased the reach and intensity of the group’s aim. By putting the fetuses in the hands of children, they’re in front of more adults’ eyes.

“The publicity (while a lot of it being negative) has allowed a message of life to be shown around our nation. Glory to God!” he said.

The event, organized by the community, drew over 3,000 children.

Laura Ellis, in her fourth year organizing the event, pointed out to the Walton Tribune that she’s pro-life but understands the problem.

“I find nothing offensive about the 12-week fetus models. In fact, I find them a rather beautiful reminder of life. I do, however, understand that some parents did not wish for their children to have them and I respect that.”


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