So I don’t know if you have been paying attention, but Gossip Girl has been rocking it this season with some awesome episodes. I am basically hooked on the continuous Blair and Chuck drama. I’m pretty impressed that the show is on its 5th season and has successfully survived the challenge of switching from high school drama to “real world” drama (though let’s get real, the plots are unreal… just the way I like them!) That being said, there is one problem I have with the show and it all boils down to… drum roll please… the royal family of Monaco.

Am I the only person who thinks that Louis talks as if he is swallowing his own tongue!?!? Not only does he speak slowly (reminding me of Ian at Empoweresque), but the accent is painful. I understand how hard it can be to learn a second language. It only took me 6 years of Spanish classes to learn that I still can’t correctly conjugate a sentence. (That’s okay, I know how to say “I want to buy these shoes.” It’s the important phrases that count.) I’m not even saying you need to pronounce words like an American (or better yet a Brit), but please, please, PLEASE(!) don’t make me sit and watch a man try and declare his love in such a way that makes his acting look like… acting. Listening to him only makes me want Blair to get back with Chuck even more! I decided to cast my doubts aside… but then the rest of the royal family showed up. Oy!

I was quite impressed… because Louis, his mother, and his sister all seem to have the same speech impediment. Perhaps they all went to The School of Bad Acting. Maybe it is not bad acting, just bad pronunciation. Make that The School of Bad English Coaches. I find it hard to believe that I am the only one who feels this way. Every time a character from Monaco speaks, it seems like they are trying to speak with marbles in their mouth. The lines are always delivered in a slow, deliberate, childish way. I looked up the actor who plays Louis (Hugo Becker) and he is actually French. I guess this means congrats to the researchers of Gossip Girl because the accents are realistic. I just want them to understand, that the delivery of their lines just makes me confused and frustrated rather than getting caught up in the show! However, do not fear… because I have a solution. Let’s just have them all talk in French. Not only is French a beautiful language to hear, but I am sure Louis is a lot sexier in his native tongue. True, it may seem unrealistic and cause the viewers to be lost (that’s why God created subtitles), but at least we will be paying attention to what is coming out of their mouths.

Chuck, you better step up soon and steal Blair from Louis. Just show her that Harry Winston ring. I know I couldn’t say no to that rock! (I’m sure Kim Kardashian couldn’t either…)

georgia girl


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