The Sports Kings:J-Dub’s Journal “NFL West Mid-Season Report”

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Grading the Western Division of the NFL, the AFC West and the NFL West.

AFC West

4th Place Denver Broncos, 2-5, 0-2 in the Division:

Pros:      They are 17th in pass defense and 19th in pass yards, Cons:  Tim Tebow is horrible; offense is scoring on 19 points a game, Final prediction:  Last place in the Division.

3rd Place Kansas City Chiefs, 4-3, 2-1 in the Division:

Pros:      9th in rushing, seems to have grasped what Todd Haley is asking, Cons:  Only scoring 18 points a game, 184 yards passing a game, Final prediction:  They finish 2nd in the Division

2nd Place Oakland Raiders, 4-3, 1-1 in the Division:

Pros:      2nd in the league in rushing and 12th in total yards, Cons:  Injury to Jason Campbell, Carson Palmer is not acclimated to the offense yet, Final prediction:  As much as I like Hue Jackson….they finish 3rd.

1st Place San Diego Chargers, 4-3, 2-1 in the Division

Pros:      Offensively can move the ball, Almost 400 yards passing a game, Cons:  Philip Rivers is not playing up to his normal standard.  He is making costly mistakes at the end of ball games, Final prediction:  I think this team will do what they have done in the past and finish strong, winning the division.

NFC West

4th Place St. Louis Rams, 1-6, 0-0 in the Division:

Pros:      They are ranked 15th at defending the pass, Cons:  They are only scoring 12 points a game while giving up almost 28 points a game, Sam Bradford is hurt again, Final prediction:  They finish 3rd in the division.

3rd Place Arizona Cardinals, 1-6, 0-1 in the Division:

Pros:      Offense overall is favorable and is among the 19s and 20s in yards, passing yards, and points, Cons:  Defense is nearly last in points allowed, yards allowed, and passing yards allowed, Final prediction:  I think St. Louis will overtake them for 3rd place.

2nd Place Seattle Seahawks, 2-5, 1-1 in the Division:

Pros:      Defense is playing good football ranking in the top 20 in points allowed and overall yards allowed, Cons:  Offense is dismal.  Only averaging 15 points a game and rushing for only 77 yards a game, Final prediction:  Defense and the division keep them in 2nd place.

1st Place San Francisco 49ers, 6-1, 1-0 in the Division:

Pros:      Offense is 6th in scoring and rushing, Defensively they are 1st in points allowed and rushing yards allowed, Cons:  The 49ers are 31st in the league in passing yards and 21st in the league in giving up passing yards, Final prediction:  They will win the league and no one else will be close!!

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