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Every year, young ladies and gentleman (I’m using the terms very loosely) get one day for the opportunity to dress as whoever they want and not be deemed as freaks… even if they are the rest of the year. For guys, it’s usually their favorite superhero or a musician they may idolize… although let’s face it, the lazy ones (that would be most of them) just make a costume out of whatever is lying around. Girls, however, get the one night pass where they can dress in whatever costume (or lack thereof – skanks rule this night ☺) and it is considered appropriate and even encouraged. Why can we not have this day multiple times a year?!?!? Skanks need the image boost.

Halloween is a wonderful holiday that I love to celebrate. This year, I got the opportunity to dress up and celebrate at the Ian Somerhalder Foundation’s Empoweresque charity event at club Opera. The theme was Burlesque (skanks definitely rule) and after attending the event I have decided that’s one of the best themes EVER because you can basically put on any type of lingerie, tights, heels, feathers, skirts, sequins etc. and fit under the category! I myself went for a black corset, blazer, black shorts, and knee-high boots.

In the beginning of the night, Ian Somerhalder (dressed as Captain Planet…how appropriate) answered a bunch of Q&A’s from the attendees. Most of them related to his foundation and the great things it is doing. Did you know that ISF (Ian Somerhalder Foundation) has a presence in 43 countries?!? That’s INSANE! I guess The Vampire Diaries is more popular around the world than I thought! Although Ian seemed to answer questions in… the… longest… way… possible…, you could see how passionate he is for the environment and finding ways to conserve it. He is working hard to spread that knowledge through kids and adults alike. I think it is great that Ian is finding ways to use his celebrity status for good.

Cirque d'Empoweresque

Source: CW69

Opera had a really cool vibe and it was great to see the costumes people wore. As previously mentioned, there were a lot of scantily clad women with only feathers to hide their backsides. (Oh, no! Just when I ran out of skank jokes!) The entertainment of the night was dancers on stage and aerial dancers hanging from fabric tied to the ceiling. It was incredible to watch them tie themselves up and let themselves go. I bet this would be a great workout if I could just work on my coordination while hanging upside down. Super easy, right? I’ll try it the next time I go rock climbing.

Feather Coverup

Source: CW69

The night got really fun when my friends Katrina, Chelsea and I got into the VIP tent next to the club. Inside is where Ian and the rest of the cast hung out all dressed to impress. There was a lot of food, a DJ, and… face painting! Face Painting?! What party is complete without face painting? Danielle Gonzalez and her crew were there to make sure they could add any type of painted art to your face or body. Since I was in all black, I chose to get some zebra stripes painted around my eyes…IT WAS AWESOME! This definitely added some fierceness to my outfit. As the night went on, more of the cast showed up from the show The Vampire Diaries to support Ian. It was fun to see what each person decided to wear. I have a breakdown below:

  • Ian (Damon) Captain Planet
  • Nina (Elena/Katherine) Ron, Hermione, and Harry under the invisibility cloak
  • Kat (Bonnie) Snooki
  • Candice (Caroline) Crowned winner from Toddlers and Tiaras
  • Zach (Matt) Proud redneck father of Candice’s Toddlers and Tiaras winner
  • Kayla (Vicki) Black Swan
  • Malese (Anna) Deena (from Jersey Shore)
  • Joseph (Klaus) Beetlejuice
  • Daniel (Elijah) Not quite sure, but he had a big wound on half his face

As you can see from above, a lot of the actors and actresses went all out on their costumes when they arrived for the party. After a couple of hours of dancing, eating, drinking, and socializing it was time for us to head home. I think that the night was a success. A lot of money was raised for ISF and everyone had the opportunity to dress up!

So if next year you need something fun to dress as, I strongly suggest you consider Burlesque. It’s quite the fun time…

Catch the video of the event.

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