‘Occupy Atlanta’ Denies Rumors Of Partnership With Nation Of Islam

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS Atlanta) Tomorrow, Woodruff Park will turn into something of a battlefield of principles as “Occupy Atlanta” protesters attempt to reclaim the space for their ongoing protests.

In the days leading up to the Nov. 5 reoccupation effort, online reports have surfaced claiming that “Occupy Atlanta” has enlisted the help of the religiously charged and oft-controversial Nation of Islam.

Representatives of the movement now deny these claims.

“We have not asked the Nation of Islam to provide protection for us,” Tim Franzen, spokesman for “Occupy Atlanta,” told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Rumors of the collaboration began from within the “Occupy Atlanta” camp. In one such report by the Midtown Patch, movement representative Mandie Mitchell is credited directly with providing the information.

“I think that will make a huge difference,” protester David Smith added to the Midtown Patch on the matter.

Repeated attempts made by CBS Atlanta to speak with the Nation of Islam were not returned.

One thing is for sure – the group will be attempting to reclaim Woodruff Park at 8 p.m. tomorrow, using the First Amendment as their protection.

“Please note the (First) Amendment is valid 24 hours (a) day, seven days (a) week, in public spaces nationwide!” reads part of the event announcement on the “Occupy Atlanta” website.

The reoccupation is an attempt by the protesters to get the park back after Atlanta Police made a series of arrests on Oct. 26 that cleared out the crowds. In the meantime, protesters have been staying on the 4th floor of Peachtree and Pine.

If representatives from the Nation of Islam do attend tomorrow’s efforts, it will reportedly be of their own volition, and not due to any organized collaboration between the two groups.

“If they show up it’s because they chose to be there, not because we invited them,” said Franzen.

  • Momof3

    Louis Farrakhan had said the Arab uprisings will come to the USA when the uprisings were happening in Egypt. Go to his webpage and you will see for yourselves.

    • TJ

      The Arab uprisings were good when the USA elite saw an opportunity to exploit those countries. Now that its happening here they cry fowl. Maybe we should insist on a democratic form of government. The so called mob can’t do any worse than the so called elite.

    • Marcy Harris

      NPR yesterday was interviewing leaders of Occupy Oakland (shutting down a major US port–dangerous to our economy and national security). The man was–you guessed it, a Muslim “minister.”

      Yes Nation of Islam and worse, CAIR are no doubt behind this along with our Muslim-lite President himself.

    • Arnold

      Momof3. If you think that the “occupy” sitins are on par with the Arab Spring movements then sorrowfully you have no respect for America.

      • Marcy Harris

        Arab Spring was just led by the fools in our White House who, for example, paid $2B of our tax dollars to “free Libya” when all we got for our money was another Iran–full on Sharia law stuffing women back into the harem (with his three other wives and no right to inherit or own property etc.) so it wasn’t for the benefit of the people and now they are flying the AlQuieda flag.

        Thanks Mr. President. Your foreign policy is going to get us all killed.

      • ditchdigger2

        I got a bridge for sale, anwhere you want it, cash only.

      • Sybrsean

        Hitler gained his power through popularity. It’s naive to think history can’t repeat itself and bring in a new charismatic leader like Hitler who then has these powers already in place.

        •A media that operates with complete bias and purposely tries to sway the public opinion.
        •A Presidential office that can legislate using executive orders.
        •A Presidential office that can declare wars without congress.
        •A Presidential office that can execute Americans without Due Process
        •An Intelligence agency that can monitor all activities of a citizen without a Search Warrant.
        •A Police force that is increasingly being militarized. (e.g. the NYPD that can now “take down planes”)

        I frankly don’t care who’s ends up in office as long as it’s someone that going to reverse this trend. That’s not Obama. It’s not likely any future Democrat. It’s not any of the Republican candidates or future ones – EXCEPT RON PAUL. He IS the 1 in a million politician that will undue the consolidation of power.

        That’s evidenced (in part) by his not taking a lucrative Congressional Pension (opting out himself) and by being willing to take not 400k in Presidential salary but the median American Income of 39k to do the job. He’s the only guy that isn’t really part of, nor wants to be, part of the machine (the system).

        The economy, jobs, foreign affairs, immigration, socialism of medicine and retirement will all work itself out under any one under the same single party we have “Republicrats”. Undoing the groundwork for Tyranny will not.

        This is not an attack on this Administration. It’s pointing out the truth of the powers now contained within the office of the Presidency and the current state of affairs. It’s just as “possible” that a Republican abuses those powers as it is a Democrat.

        Both Republicans and Democrats created this situation and I’m saying that Ron Paul is the only candidate who is pointing it out and making in roads to resolving it.

        Name one other person that said they will refuse to use signing orders.

        Name one other person that said they would end warrentless search warrants.

        Name one other person that said they would end using Black Water as a secret police.

        The powers used to be contained in the three branches of Government. They aren’t any more. Many of them have been given to the POTUS.

        Watch on netflix the movie End of America: http://www.endofamericamovie.com

        This isn’t about partisanship for me, its about preventing Tryanny which can EASILY COME as it did to Nazi German, with this consolidation of power. You guys speak about WWII and respect for America, well look close because were on track to becoming like Nazi Germany.

      • Rocky

        America fought WWII to supposedly to keep Europe free and then gave most of Europe to the Communists during the Yalta conference. That’s something to celebrate? America entered WWI for the financial plunder. If they had stayed out and not let bankers run their foreign policy, WWI would have ended as a stalemate in 1916 and WWII never would have occurred. Sorry, America has been one gigantic mercenary army for bankers since 1913 Fed Reserve Act was passed. The truth hurts, but believing pretty lies only keeps you in the dark.

      • TheObserver

        Claude you lilly chicken frenchmen. Have you forgotten how your brothers submitted to the germans and your women gave even more? You ungreatful bum. Now your country is turning Sharia. Just what you deserve.

      • Larry Fuller

        He said no such thing. He is only asking you to read Farrakhan’s own words.

      • aprilmayjune

        Why in the world would anyone “respect” America?

      • jubal

        It is not hard to respect America. It is some of the people that claim to be Americans that people generally have problems respecting. There are many in this country now that have a specific, written and orchestrated agenda to take the very rights and freedoms that we have, our military and predecessors fought for, and turn them against us. Sadly, our Media and Congress are part of that group.

      • PowerPC

        Why would anyone respect America? You ask aprilmayjune…..Back when people were taught history they learned why the world respects or should respect America. This is the greatest country in the world (Hope that gets your blood boiling) Twice within the past 65 – 95 years or so we have rescued the continent of Europoe from becoming rezoned as part of Germany. Before we were directly involved in WWII we provided Britain with all the resources they needed to hang on against enemy. Also, everytime there is a natural disaster somewhere in the world the US is the first to send in Cash, Food, medical help, and other resources needed during a time of catastrophe. It is just that soon after the countries get back to some sort of normalcy the forget us and then go back to protesting everything we do…..Kind of like the liberal lunatics we have in this country. Just because you have no respect for this nation do not suppose that other do not. Personally I have no respect for ungrateful people that do not realize how lucky they are to live in the greatest, strongest and most generous nation in the history of the world.

      • Claude de la Monte

        Power PC, you’re stretching reality a bit with the statement that America saved Europe twice. It gave nothing more than a belated hand in WW1, and played an obviously more significant role in WW2. That’s all.

    • RJ

      Any comparison of the OWS protesters to the Nation of Islam is ridiculous. They have almost diametrically opposed ideals. Don’t let foolishness like this discredit the OWS movement.

      • tim

        how does one “dicredit” a mob chanting silly, moronic slogans any more than they have done to themselves. Get a job, learn what it means to pay bills and be an adult.

      • nobama2012

        No so ridiculous at atl. ‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend.’ These are all America haters. Hence they have (for now) a common purpose.

      • kbernatovich

        The OWS cannot be discredited. You first need to have some credit. They have none. Let tham go back to raping and fighting each other. The NOI will make this even more entertaining. I guess they ned to include all the racist organizations in the US. I guess the antisemetic chants and signs werren’t enough.

      • p dirt

        No kidding. The OWS movement is doing a fine job of discrediting itself.

      • ditchdigger2

        It already has, thats what hey do, morons.

      • ONI

        They have one ideal that unites both movement – antisemitism

      • Dave P

        Yeah, sure. The left has alligned themselves with radical Islam. You can’t hide that fact. Actions always speak the truth. Even the media can’t hide that one.

      • Mark

        “They have almost diametrically opposed ideals”

        Oh really?
        In fact they share many of the same ideals.
        They both hate America with a passion and desire to see her destroyed.
        They both despise Jews and blame them for all of the ills of the world and they both would like to see violence break out so that they could bring about that revolution they seek.
        OWS and the NOI are enemies of the state.

      • Paul Rosell

        Actually, Marxism and Islamic beliefs are very similar, on economic matters.
        Both are against the charging of interest, for instance.
        Both oppose capitalism, as practiced in the West.

      • Ed

        obama backs them isn’t that enough……

      • Hazmat77

        The Bert Man

        Exort money from corporations? Aren’t the protesters protesting our corporate culture? What corporation would donate to a group seeking its demise?

      • KJ

        Diametrically opposed ideals?? Hmm, they both want the collapse of Capitalism and the downfall of America as we know it today. I would say they are one and the same. The ends justify the means, right?? Your liberal ignorance is ass-tounding

      • VeteranCombat3

        The OWS crowd is replete with anti-Semetic signs, including chants. The association of NOI, which looks at any political aspect will friends a sea of like minded friends (bigots). It seems very likely and pausable that NOI would reach out to whatever OWS is and similarly some OWS crowd to want the presence to fortify their standing against police actions in clearing the park. OWS has a lot of hate signs that go under reported. The very best that OWS can do is imply that there are freeloaders and malcontents who are assembling with their group and giving them a bad name,,,but wait isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black?

      • Floyd DaBarber

        Black Panthers at the polling stations; Nation of Islam in cahoots with the Obama administration to help turn OWS violent; outright attacks on white America and Christianity.

        This America-hating criminal must be removed from office.

      • 99%

        Man the trolls are thick in here…is there any forum that isn’t infested with gov’t shills? They infest everything in their attempt to discredit truth. Nice try, losers, but The Change is coming whether you approve or not.

      • The Bert Man

        Do you think that Farrakhan will sit by and let an opportunity go by without trying to take credit for it? I am surprised that Jackson and Sharpton aren’t in the middle of the OWS events telling them how to extort money, excuse me I meant to say obtain contributions, from corporations.

      • Look what's going down

        OWS has values? One of the questions asked concerning what these people stand for is, “WHAT DO THESE PEOPLE STAND FOR?!!”

        This is a mob with nothing better to do; and while there seems to be a select few promoting these malcontents who know the real agenda, the rest are there because they want to be part of something larger than themselves and/or just want to riot.

        This is the how law and order becomes unhinged. Authorities are loath to pull out all the stops and roll these people off to jail, it looks bad and the jails are full already. The more OWL wins the more they are emboldened and feel they have the upper hand? The way it appears now, it isn’t the civil government in control and the Feds don’t want to want to intervene either. For what ever reason, this movement plays to the nuttiness of Obama’s reasoning.

        Nation Of Islam? Who knows how mobs are taken charge of, the fact is, they are easily taken charge of because they are mindless craven souls looking for an outlet to vent their frustrations. Throwing rocks, breaking windows, and burning cars is just for starters. These people are a tool waiting for those with a real purpose. Don’t give this movement any more credit than that; and don’t underestimate their threat to the economy and being able to conduct your life’s obligations in peace and safety.

      • RHO

        You can’t even articulate the clear goals of the movement. It is filled with anarchists, communists, neo-Nazis, every fringe group has people there. The public perception of the group diminishes daily. They are a bunch of America hating thugs.

    • Jane Louise Smith

      “Show me what ‘democracy’ looks like…this is what ‘democracy’ looks like…”

      • Marcy Harris

        Exactly! That is why the Founding Fathers wisely avoided Democracy in favor of a Republic and representative government. Big Difference. Otherwise the mob rules and the rights of minorities and those who dissent are not protected.

      • PUBLIUS

        Ben Franklin said, “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb deciding what to eat for dinner.” Also, Ben Franklin was asked by a woman on the street after the signing of the Constitution, “What kind of government do we have, Mr Franklin?:” He repied, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

        We don’t have a democracy, never did have, and we wouldn’t want one, because of the first quote above. Learn the difference between a democracy and a republic. They are different forms of government. Also, study why the founders thought a republic was better.

      • tim

        it is just funny to hear a moron parrot the silly chant of another moron.
        as one of the 53%’ers who pay for your miserable existence I simply ask you say thank you every now and then. get a job!

      • Mr. Washington

        Democracy is the majority rules = mob rule. In Iraq Shias are the majority therefore the Sunnis are the losers so they become insurgents. Bad form of government!

        Article IV Section 4 from The Constitution “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a REPUBLICAN Form of Government”

        We are not meant to be a Democracy.

      • Kevin Creel


      • tim

        want to see what democracy looks like? look at the tea party– folks who actually pay for this country held peaceful protests, went out to vote and effectuated real change. that, moron, is what democracy looks like. democracy is NOT a mob chanting idiotic slogans as they could never learn substantive issues

      • tim

        “Regulas” wants to call a retired Marine a facist……unreal! Do you even know what that word means?

      • tim

        Jane Louise Smith is truly one of the village idiots who will require the 53%’ers to pay for her from birth to grave. I suspect she has never paid federal taxes, donated to a charity, volunteered for a legitimate cause. Jane, you really are a person who brings down our nation out of selfishness and a perverted sense of worth. You are a national cancer

      • Regulas

        Says the little Fascist commie lover

      • Daniel Ortega, USMC (ret)

        Show me what a rebellion looks like. These marxists want to destroy our country, and you are too freaking stupid to realize it.

      • David Nance

        These marxists want to destroy our country – are destroying our country. What has Obama done from day one?, excuse the unexcusable and over regulate the legitimate citizens.

        The slime he brought with him have been giver free reign to empower themselves, he has all but destroyed much of the infrastructure,

        The OWS & NOI need to have an Attitude Adjustment by ANY means nessesary.

      • Unkldave

        Democracy is when decisions are made at the polling booth. Then the loyal citizens watch their elected officials while waiting for the next election. Democracy has to do with elections, not with protests.

    • Paul rosell

      Many of the “OWS” types are very anti-Jewish and anti-Israel.
      They fit right in with the Black Muslims.

    • thinkformyself

      The ignorance shown in the majority of the comments listed here scares me more than any “Occupy” protest in any city in this country. It is because this country is great and protects the freedoms of everyone, that protesters can protest – or should be able to – and arm chair quarterbacks can write any nonsense on any page on the Internet they choose.

    • ironage

      Farrakhan won’t help them….he has a space plane to catch.

      • ditchdigger2


    • meokma

      People generally respect America until they meet its people. They are not as extraordinary as they seem to be from afar. Take the titles, clothes and material things away – what you’re left with is void!

      • ditchdigger2

        Eat in one end, and out the other, all the same.

    • TheObserver

      Islam calls itself “the House of Peace” (Dar al-islam) even though the word “Islam” means ” submission” and calls the non-Muslim world “the House of War” (Dar al-harb). It dumbfounds the mind why it would have so many puppet followers. The only explanation has to be, there is a fool born every minute.

    • Willie

      I smell a civil war brewing in the USA!

      • ditchdigger2

        The administratio just pink slipped 400 U.S. Military Officers, to be replaced by what.

      • BaddaD

        It would be a short civil war. People that have worked hard for what they have are willing to invest and fight for what they have and for solid American principals. These OWS are just a fringe group of cowardly neer-do-wells that found a way to get together and share their feeeeelings about how things should be no matter if rooted in solid logic or not.

    • prepare

      This is the final sign.

  • Bloodless Coup

    Breaking News!

    Taitz v Fuddy: Hawaii Circuit Court Reschedules Obama Birth Certificate Hearing For November 30, 2011 @ 10:00 AM

    Petition for Writ of Mandamus. Request for Inspection of Records under UIPA. Emergency Motion for Rehearing. Motion to Stay Final Order Pending Rehearing.

    Read More Here


    • Tim

      Buahahahahahahahhahahahaha. Birthers. So funny.

      • Htos1

        I want to see the passport!

      • Gary Cook

        Well said, Mr. Washington.

      • White Guilt Liberal

        Liberals. So repulsive and gay.

      • Mr. Washington

        US Constitution: Article II Section 1, paragraph 5 “No person except a natural born Citizen shall be eligible to the Office of President”

        There is no controlling authority who does a background check of politicians running for office according to the FBI. When a person becomes a Senator or Congressman, they are automatically granted a Top Secret Clearance. It is up to citizens who elect said people to dig into their background. We for years left that up to the news media.

        Obama has spent millions to hide his past (millions HE didn’t have). After his election, the news media (Charlie Rose and Tom Brokaw) said casually, “We did not investigate Senator Obama to any extent by which we really know anything about him”.

        Some of us now fully comprehend why the Constitution would include such a prerequisite. Others like yourself just laugh as your own uninsured house burns to the ground. History is full of lemmings that followed others off the cliff.

      • Cottoneyed

        “Birther”! Yeah, you’re one of em’, fan tan! Sure you are, you believe that Trig Palin is not Sarah’s, don’t cha’. Birther………………Buahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha……..and dollars to donuts you’re a “warmer” too……..you really are a nut aren’t cha’……

      • Patricia

        The Original Birthers were none other then “democrats for Hillary”, and most likely jump started it again to rid the party of their Dear failing Leader.

      • Paul

        Anti-Constitutionalists. So creepy.

    • Ohio

      Taitz will have this case thrown out of court, JUST LIKE all the other birther cases . SHe has no merit in the BC for Obama. Every one whosay he was not born in Hawaii is a fool. Many people have stepped forth to show photos of the ne born Obama back in the day after he was born.. People have stepped forth to talk about being in college with Obama Sr.. YET you birthers keep digging up a dead dog.. Taitz will be shown the court room door and again found tohave no merit. The Former Gov of Hawaii, a WOMAN and a REP, has seen the BC records and put in writting, theat Obama as born in Hawaii. HAD she wanted to do so, why didn’t she come out and say that he wasn’t and John McCain would be President today..

      As for Islam and all. IF any one here thinks for a minute that Fakeakon wont be there or his peopl;e, I have some land under the Ohio River I will sell you and cheap. As for Occpuy- insert name of city /group here- the American public are fed up with them. At first it was WOW, nowit is OK your 15 minutes of fame is up.. Only thing keeping it going, Soros and Mikey Boy Moores money.. Even then Mikey boy is worth over 20 million and is part of the 1%ers.. If you don’t think Moore doesn’t take every tax deduction the IRS allows, well that land, I’ll give you a 50% discount on it.

  • Kellie L

    If something has the possibility to damage the United States in ANY way you can bet your last dollar that the nation of islam will be there rooting it on!

    • stephanie White


      They are so mean – no like button! So I love your comment!

      • Dave

        This isn’t social media honey, is your homework finished?

      • f46calif

        Kellie, “Love” your comment , too!. So true!

    • Buck O'Fama

      Good post Kellie L. Dave, you have the comprehension skills of a crescent wrench. Bugger off.

  • slickzip

    This is all part of the master overall plan thet the socialist have had from a long time ago

  • jjv

    LOL, looks as if the OWS are seeing their “movement” fall apart pretty quickly.

    Arrested for rioting in Denver and Oakland, denied permit renewal for public defecation, urination and masturbation, and endorsed by the likes of the American Nazi and Communist Party’s

    Not exactly an image to instill confidence and sympathy in the average American.

    This is the reason the bottom has dropped out of the numbers of people who approve of what they are doing.

  • Simon Church

    Looks like the Occupy movement is getting its own shock troops, if this is true. If this does happen, expect either the police told to pull back and do to be seen anywhere, or there will be a great deal of violence from the Occupiers and their troops, then the police will have to respond and the media will blame the police for everything that happens.

    • Dave Turner

      It’s about time for the police to step back and let these tools self implode.

      • Cate

        Indeed, Bruce. Furthermore, these people need to learn some respect and figure out that their right to free speech doesn’t mean destroying the rights, quality of life, and property of everyone else around them. But, the squatters have no boundaries. It’s all about them. Sure thing. Destroy businesses, and put people out of work. Go ahead. Destroy families, which IS the consequence of your actions. Shut it all down. Then everyone can finally be equal…unemployed. They truly are babies in adult bodies. Time to grow up and get with the program squatters!

      • Dave

        I believe the opposite. We should not sit around and watch these people align themselves with enemies of our country to try and get their way. At some point it becomes treason and an invasion from within and needs to be fired upon.

      • Bruce

        Freedom of speach is not squatting. Occupiers are taking away public lands from the public. It is ok to speak your peace, but it is not ok to remove the use of land and public spaces with out the approval of people. I disaprove. Move on and go get a job like everyone else that has to feed their families.

    • Makyo

      Things ARE starting to unravel for Obama and company. The economy sucks. Holder sucks. Solyndra sucks. These communist demonstrations suck. I expect Obama to move up his itinerary to “fundamentally transform” America, and to redistribute the wealth by causing enough unrest on the streets to call for Martial Law. He will test the waters to see how Americans react to Martial Law. If we don’t react he will boldly move forward and do as much damage as he can to capitalism, which he hates

  • WillyWonka

    What a bunch of wankers.

    Now the NOI. What a bunch of whacky guys. Keeping the BowTie Alive.

    Well if we lose the bow tie business this would be a set back for the mens haberdashery business

    We do not need a Muslim element in this. No one really believes that taking that track is going to further this already floundering falafel fest.

    This wont work. Back to the drawing board there kids.

  • JD

    Franzen is the only commie who wears a blazer and button-down shirt and showers from time to time, so they all take their orders from him. He is the agent provocateur who stages their coverage in the local propagandist media to give the protests a positive spin. Soon he will realize that he’s just another tool of Soros, and there’s nothing original about what he’s doing. These people aspire to become the modern-day American version of the Baader-Meinhof Gang, but they’re about to find out just how powerful law enforcement can be.

  • JustAGuy

    So if (when) the Nation of Islam members show up at the Occupy Atlanta event, and if (when) the Nation of Islam members just happen to provide security for the Occupy Atlanta protesters, it’s purely coincidental. The Occupy Atlanta and members of the Nation of Islam have NOT been in contact wth each other.

    • f46calif

      How do we know Occupy Atlanta and Islam aren’t in contact with each other? OA seems like it’s against America and we KNOW Islam hates us. Kinda goes together!! America-Love it or Leave it!!

  • Sam E Moore Jr

    Thank You , Thank You , Thank You .
    The far left is putting more Nails in their 2012 Election Coffin than anyone could have imagined . 1968 all over again !!!!!!! .
    I have counted 33 far left anti American and hate Capitalism groups so far .
    Communist and Socialist party flags are very where .

    There is no way that Moderates , Independents , Reagan Grass Root Democrats and Republicans will buy into this Marxist based Doctrine .

    • jjv

      Amen brother, you’ve nailed it.

      • TheObserver

        Just goes to show you how dumb most Americans are. They idolize sports figures and talentless reality boobs but a guy like Glen who has tried so desperately to expose the truth is condemned by the lamstream media and everyone falls for it without ever watching him. Bye bye America. You get wWhat you deserve. Your eyes can’t see what your brain doesn’t know-Mark Twain

  • atrollsays

    Ok so we all know that soros unions acorn now nation of islam are funding these. Other groups with similar wants are funding other protests. Now the question is why and WHO IS GOING TO GAIN POWER OR PROFIT IF THESE ARE SUCCESSFUL?

    • stephanie white

      Go to the blaze- I know Glen might be revolutionary for many of you – but he has the complete list of those that are supporting OWS.

      • Logo4245

        GLENN IS amazing – the lone voice in the darkness.

  • JByrd42

    They Occupy morons are asking for support from NOI? Truly, a bunch of useful idiots.

  • fecal_heroes

    Islam is a religion of peace. I hope I hear more such critics from the cancer that is Crony Capitalism, as their comments are the most laughable and condemnatory.
    In other words the very parasites (or useful idiots) feeding on the entrepreneurial, middle class, can’t handle being confronted with the truth. They really have earned all the steamy excrement patriots everywhere can provide.

    As far as the freedom fighters victimized by these very apparachiks of the Fed, IMF and World Bank, the nation’s prayers are with them. And with the Anonymous brigade.

    • Cate

      The religion of peace???? What planet are YOU living on? Islam – it’s the religion of pieces! There have been 17,958 ISLAMIC terrorist attacks since 9/11. For the month of October, the body count is 652 people MURDERED in the name of Islam. In just the last week in October, 135 people have been MURDERED in the name of Islam.

      How would you explain the ‘religion of peace’ to the relatives of the Fogels, 5 of whom were MURDERED in their sleep by MUSLIM terrorists? How would you explain that it is right and proper for someone, in the name of ISLAM, to behead a 5-month old baby, who was sleeping peacefully next to her father. Or her 3-year old brother, who was stabbed in the heart REPEATEDLY by the Muslim SAVAGES. What…do the savages get more virgins in their version of heaven by stabbing a toddler multiple times directly in the heart?

      The religion of peace?? Give me FREAKIN’ BREAK!!!!!!!

    • Dave

      Only after it’s dead.

    • Dave

      only after it’s followers are dead.

    • Simon Church

      I have news for you, the chapter of the Nation of Islam in my area are gun runners and slave traders. Just a few years ago a women was murdered because she spoke out about what they were doing and she should have known since she was reported to be the treasurer for the chapter. They shot her some many time and in so many places there was not much of her left and they did it in front of her children. The city attorney tried to bring the two guys who did it (one was the head of the chapter the other was her husband) but everyone suddenly became silent and no one would say anything and they went free. They may be good people were you are from, but not here.

    • Keith Greene

      muhammed was a child raping, pedophile and swine eating pervert.
      They are still a 6th century planetary cancer.
      Islam’s Latest Contributions to Peace
      “Mohammed is God’s apostle. Those who follow him are ruthless
      to the unbelievers but merciful to one another” Quran 48:29

      2011.11.04 (Kaduna, Nigeria) – Mujahideen gunmen attack a church, shooting two worshippers to death.
      2011.11.03 (Karradah, Iraq) – Sunni bombers take out four Shiites in a residential neighborhood.
      2011.11.03 (Baqubah, Iraq) – A double suicide attack leaves ten Iraqis dead. The second blast was intended to kill victims fleeing the first.
      2011.11.03 (Ghazni, Afghanistan) – A child is taken out by a Taliban rocket.
      2011.11.03 (Herat, Afghanistan) – A Shahid suicide attack on a construction company leaves two guards dead.
      2011.11.02 (Maiduguri, Nigeria) – A robed fundamentalist pulls out an automatic weapon and murders a guard at a market.

      • Wnddll

        Along your same line of thinking, Islam calls itself “the House of Peace” (Dar al-islam) even though the word “Islam” means ” submission” and calls the non-Muslim world “the House of War” (Dar al-harb). We non-Muslims are responsible for their wars because we don’t willingly submit. In other words, if we aren’t with Islam we are their enemy and MUST be conquered for our own good.

    • cohron

      “Islam is a religion of peace” LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

      • patmurphy1965

        Liberals are the party of “love” like Islam is the religion of “peace.”

    • Mikey

      “Islam is a religion of peace.”

      You think so?



      And these two stories were just in the past couple of days…..

    • amplitude jones

      The jihad is the struggle that all m u s l i m s must strive to accomplish. It consists of two things
      1: slay all jewish people
      2: convert, enslave, or slay EVERYONE ELSE (world conquest)
      And you know- only EVIL MURDEROUS SLIME would follow such a cult.

  • psw

    To all you tea-partiers: you should be standing WITH these kids, not standing back and laughing at the “silly hippies”…you are letting big media and the feds bamboozle you like always. Does the phrase “divide and conquer” mean anything to you?

    • Dave

      SOMEONE should be standing with them, they obviously need supervision and guidance as they become a frothing mess of feceslike junk pile gutter trash without it.

    • Dave

      Does the phrase dumb and dumber mean anything to you??

    • JohnFLob

      I am quite familiar with the phrase ‘divide and conquer’. I have also noticed that since the day Mr. Obama announce his candidacy for POTUS that has been his technique and strategy. Why else do you think he and his collaborators engage in, and encourage class warfare.

      He and his campaign realize his record as the POTUS provides a litany of failures. Therefore he, and they, must create as many distractions from his record as possible.

      Rejection of Mr. Obama and his agendas is not restricted to the T.E.A. organizations and activists.

      • Peter Ruggles

        I believe Obama has committed several impeachable offenses, this is just another. Contempt of Congress should be easy for starters; money laundering and racketeering is another.

    • disgustingbrats

      Are you kidding me? The OW movement is nothing BUT “us and them”! They want rich people’s money! Gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme what you worked your whole life for, I’m just out of college and unemployed but ME WANTEE N-N-NOW!! WAH WAH IT’S NOT FAIR SO I’M GONNA STAND HERE AND POUT UNTIL SOMEONE ELSE STEALS THE RICH PEOPLES MONEY AND GIVES IT TO ME!!!!! WAH WAH WAH!!!

    • Caligula

      the Tea Party would never associate with these bunch of drugged-out criminals…no matter what their message is purported to be. maybe if they cleaned up their act, more people would sympathize.

    • Mikey

      If you honestly think this then you have NO IDEA what the Tea Party stands for.

      • cohron

        Tea Party- Clear message, united people. Demanding effective change in our leadership, government, spending and regulation. Organized protests. Clean, no litter or trash. responsible individuals. INDIVIDUALISM

        Occupy Movement- No ideas. give me everything. Kids who think they know it all. Blame everyone but us. Free rap concerts. individualism is selfish. Blame banks, not government.

        Also, no clue to how close we were to financial destruction in 2008. No clue how damaging are country would be if AIG fell. It’s sad, I didn’t want the bailout, most didn’t, but a necessary evil to move on. At least they paid us bank (HINT FANNIE, PAY ME BACK!!!). The only agreement I have w/ the Occupy Movement is the bonus payouts to Wall Street before the bailout was paid back to the people. That’s all.

    • Mark Colwell

      Dead on, he’ll stop at nothing to get re-elected.

    • Teapartier

      Tea Party wants to protect America , Flea Party wants to destroy America!

      • f46calif

        LOL! Flea Party!

  • http://usconstitutionalfreepress.wordpress.com/2011/11/04/%e2%80%98occupy-atlanta%e2%80%99-denies-rumors-of-partnership-with-nation-of-islam/ ‘Occupy Atlanta’ Denies Rumors Of Partnership With Nation Of Islam | U.S. Constitutional Free Press

    […] more here. GA_googleAddAttr("AdOpt", "1"); GA_googleAddAttr("Origin", "other"); […]

  • wowzers

    The masturbating, pooping, raping and robbing big OWies deny associating with extremists? Color me impressed!

  • ObamaIsGodAwful

    The Occupiers are aligned with Obama’s Nation of Unemployment

  • LEL MN

    The occupiers have welcomed, with open arms no less, the communists, the Nazis, the KKK, the socialists, rapists and thieves, but they deny the mus lim brotherhood? THAT’S RACIST!
    The occupy mob empowers and enables the evil ones. All occupiers, be they useful idiot, tool, or perpetrator are guilty by association.

  • flo

    it’s really quite sad watching you sheeple defend the status quo.

    • JohnFLob

      We the sheeple you so affectionately espouse, are not defending the status quo. Significant numbers, if not the majority, of us are actively working to ensure that Mr. Obama is restricted to a single term as the POTUS.

      If, for the sake of argument, we accept that the economy was in trauma when BHO was sworn in as the POTUS, we have watched as the economy and too many other aspect of our society have been transformed (changed) into a deep comma. Under Obama it almost seems that we must have an EPA approved environmental impact study just to breath: that evil CO2 dontchaknow.

    • B


    • ebb

      It’s really funny to be called sheeple by a tool of George Soros and ACORN.

    • Occupied Website

      Keeping looking into your bellybutton Flo, maybe you might find the answer.

    • Caligula

      aw…we appreciate your concern. but don’t be sad, little hippie. just think of rainbows and kittens. LULZ

    • Buck O'Fama

      Flo? The Flo? The Flo from progressive Insurance with the behive hair? The socialist insurance company that gives it’s money to democrats and liberal causes?

      Way to go Flo, now we know you don’t know….ya know.

  • Caligula

    who cares if the nation of islamofascists shows up? they are no more bullet-proof than anyone else. take ’em out.

    • Inevitable

      Exactly and that is how the NOI should be dealt with regardless of their involvement in OWS. They have been trying to destroy the white race since their inception, we have been infiltrated and the time to cleanse the country internally needs to begin.
      Most NOI members join in prison, this is something that the MSM tactfully ignores.

  • http://oforchristsakes.wordpress.com/2011/11/04/10841/ et cetera*

    […] ‘Occupy Atlanta’ denies rumors of partnership with Nation of Islam… […]

  • awsmmix

    Why should this even be discussed?

    Any city that won’t clean up its mess instead of letting it get bigger and bigger deserves just what it gets.

  • Al Tango

    Obama, ACORN, Nation of Islam and New Black Panthers all have the same ideology. They all hate Whitey. They all hate America and want to bring her to her knees any way they can.

    The idiots on the streets are pawns in the destruction of the American economy.

    • Joe Palooka

      It must be racist because the majority of occupssies. are WHITE.

  • statesrule

    Everyone in their right mind knows the democrats/liberals/socialist are warming up to the inhumane religion of islam because they hate Christianity.
    We must respect each individual that respects others and their propert; otherwise they are nothing…Earn your way..you came into this world naked just as everyone has entered life…grow on your merit and only seek help when you are unable

  • statesrule

    Christ will forever die for our sins..it is evident

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