This past weekend I was fortunate enough to get the chance to do experience some really cool stuff! On Saturday, I went to the EyeCon event at the Sheraton hotel in Atlanta for The Vampire Diaries. As you all know, I am already obsessed with the show and it was great getting an inside peek. I was definitely geeking out. I talked with a few of the other fans there and learned that some people traveled from England, Belgium, Germany and even Australia to come to the convention! Now that’s dedication! Or some might think there could be a restraining order in their future. I don’t know which.

Upon arrival, I saw Kat Graham giving autographs. She is so fierce. Her outfit was a fun pinstriped blazer and she had her hair up in a braided bun. I wish some of her crazy style would morph into Bonnie’s simple wardrobe.

The most exciting part of the event was getting a chance to sit in on some Q&A panels. I was able to hear from Nina Dobrev, Kayla Ewell and Malese Jow. Nina was friendly and composed, but all of her answers were somewhat rehearsed and towed the company line. Yawn. I wanted all the grubby details about what it’s like on set and what the other actors are like. C’mon Nina, Gimme The Dirt!!! What I really wanted to know what it is like to be dating the smoldering sexy Ian Somerhalder!!! I would love to be in her place! That is, me and a million other girls. Perhaps there is a restraining order in my future as well. Nina talked about how there are a lot of pranks on set, and it really seems like the cast is one big family. It sounds like there is never a dull moment around them. Here are some quick facts from Nina:

  • The most physically difficult scenes for her were the Season 2 Masquerade episode. Either Elena or Katherine is in EVERY SINGLE SCENE, and since she plays both, she had quite the week filming for that episode… especially Katherine’s KICKASS fight scenes! I was exhausted just watching them.
  • The most difficult scenes for Nina emotionally are the scenes where she has to cope with a character’s death. Since almost every family member close to her has died… she gets a lot of practice.
  • There are different flavors of blood that the show uses, but the ones that taste the best look the worst on camera. When Elena is making a horrible face because she has to swallow blood, not much acting is required. It’s all corn syrup and red food coloring. Add some cherry liqueur and it sounds like an ice cream sundae. Call it a Blood Sundae. Perhaps they can serve it at the next EyeCon event.

Nina said that a group hopes to make a trip to Athens, GA at some point and I would love, love, love to be their tour guide. I would hook them up! Obviously my four college years of experience make me perfectly qualified!

Getting a chance to listen to Kayla and Malese was great. The two girls were very engaging and outgoing. They seemed like the perfect group to head out and grab a few margaritas. Now THAT would definitely be a fun time! I hope their characters Vicky and Anna aren’t finished on the show. Seeing them in person made me love their characters even more – even if both of them showed a bit of a dark side in the last episode… or maybe because they showed their dark sides. Here are a few facts I learned from their interviews:

  • Steven R. McQueen is a bit immature and fun to do scenes with, but you end up resorting back to your 10 year old self when hanging out with him. (I bet the potty jokes rule!)
  • Malese likes to write songs and sing, so you can check out some of her stuff on YouTube.
  • For Kayla’s birthday during season one, the cast members blew up hundreds of balloons and filled her entire room from top to bottom with them. (Then they killed off her character… How nice!!!)
  • In the future, TVD fans will learn about how Malese’s character Anna and her mother Pearl became vampires. (Late spoiler alert, sorry about that.)
  • Kayla likes to surf and dance.

Now it’s time for those margaritas.


georgia girl


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