Rev. Jackson Compares Occupy Atlanta With Civil Rights Struggle

ATLANTA (CBS Atlanta/AP) — The Rev. Jesse Jackson is lending his support to the Occupy Atlanta movement and says that their efforts are an extension of the struggle for civil rights fought by Jackson, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and others.

Jackson visited the Occupy protesters at a homeless shelter that has become their base of operations since Atlanta police forcibly removed them from a downtown park last week. Jackson urged those gathered to keep up the fight and to focus their anger on the economic and social disparities, rather than City Hall.

Jackson is in Atlanta participating in a conference with his Rainbow/PUSH Coalition and said that the organization shares many of the concerns of the Occupy movement. He has also visited with protesters in other cities around the country.

Atlanta officials tell WGCL-TV that the Occupy movement has cost the city more than $450,000, with the majority of that coming from overtime costs for the police department.

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  • dave_ct

    Jesse Jackson???? Don’t you have to make some child support payments?

    • Caligula

      this is the equivalent to: Send in the clowns.

      why a race baiter is there…is anyone’s guess.

      • pazmany

        Send in the Communists

    • Robert Beauchamp

      Once a black man has been elected president and the front runner on the Republican side is black too, there can’t be all that much for a professional race-baiter to do.

      • Newbern W Johnson

        Of course there is, Obama will continue the “Black Man as Victim” game that gives Jesse his power base.
        Cain will not.
        So Cain isn’t “really Black” and he’s an “Uncle Tom”. An “Oreo”.
        Jackson can’t use Cain l;i9ke he can Obama.

    • wendy

      Somewhere over the rainbow….as in coalition…….Hey Jesse first jump over it

    • fntm

      @ Dave_ct – that is why he is in Atlanta. To make some money for those child support payments. The man is a pimp!

      • wendy

        he doesn’t make money, he takes money!

      • HALLOWEEN @ OCCUPY 1600

    • Chief Suspect

      What … is a “Jesse Jackson” ?

  • Fred

    If Jesse Jackson talks and no one can understand him, is he still saying something?

  • BarrysHypocrisy

    Just who is this Jesse Jackson character and why does ANYBODY care what he thinks????

  • robert g

    When did Jesse Jackson get out jail and why is anybody listening to him.

  • ReallyMad

    Dr. King would be appalled. Jesse Jackson is merely an absurd race hustler on the take.

  • Jubal

    There you have it. The “Occupy ___” movement is officially solvent. Jesse’s paycheck was cashed.

    • Ohio

      More to the point, Jesse Jackson has now made certain NO ONE will pay any attention at all to any of the Occupy- insert names here- around the US. WIth his blessing, they will son fall farther in to choas..WIth his backing, the people who may have backed them, will pull away from them. Even liberals have a tipping point on how far they will back a group and now that THE REV Jesse, hasput his offical backing to Occupy- insert names here- even they will be going OK Enoughis Enough. However for jesse to say they are part of a civil rights. SORRY Jesse, the 60’s are OVER and no matter how much you want them to comeback, they wont and thee Occupy groups will fail. Oakland now no lobger PEACEFUL,, Like they never really were..

      Jesse time for you and Rev Al, to head back to Brooklyn and find those WHITE Kids that beat up that Black girl.. OH Thats RIGHT, that was all made up. Oops.

  • Barry A Kenyan

    Jesse WHO? No one knows who the hell this punk is?

  • SimpleFacts

    Yeah, I see the connection right away! SPOILED children who hide their faces, deface and destroy property and a dignified movement to obtain equal rights for people who had been mistreated. Seems like a perfect comparison, right?
    Race baiting bi##h Jackson can’t stand to not be the center of attention.

  • Dave - Tn

    Jesse has been out of the news for a while and is trying to say something to get back in the news and sound relevant bless his heart.

  • Tomaso

    Jesse Jackson is, was and ever shall be a moron without end, amen. The “Occupy” people are clueless puppets of left-wing demagoguery. They are as relevant as the Dodo.

  • StinkUpWallStreet

    This trash will do anything to stay in the news.

  • Dave - Tn

    Also, waiting for the Rev. Al to make comments in

  • Fred

    I agree that both movements are similar

    • whofan

      Fred spelled backwards is: derf

      Just sayin’!!!!! ;^D

    • leftist_standing

      Civil Rights Movement, Occupy Movement, Bowel movement.. All contain the word movement. Thats how they are similar. The latter two being moreso.

      • Marlinda

        The Civil Rights movement was necessary because blacks were not being permitted to participate fully in society. These Occupy protests more closely resemble the 1960s hippie anarchist garbage. But even then, they had a point: they were being drafted and sent to Viet Nam to die. The current Occupy garbage is nothing but spoiled rotten idiot Democrats who have no clue regarding economics and who think communism is a good idea.

      • borntobepolitical

        You Sir are a poet

      • Ken Bowser

        the civil rights movement come about because southern DEMOCRATS kept minorities under thumb, not republicans. Bull Connor was a democrat, too. Ask Pelosi to explain that one.

  • OrlandoRican

    The race pimp is back.

  • Todd P.

    Age-related dementia is tragic thing……pray for addled old Jesse Jackson…..

  • SAWB

    The same folks that wouldn’t let a former leader of the civil rights movement speak at their little pinko party? Too funny.

    • Upfront

      Very true. Back in the day Jesse would’ve had nothing to do with the occupy freaks and vice versa. Now, 40 years later he gives them his endorsement. That truly is some funny stuff.

  • ELSendero

    Can we please put this SHAKEDOWN ARTIST in a corner and forget him. He is NO LONGER relevant t. He is yesterdays man and people are tired of hearing from this Ghetto PIMP who can’t let go of the past.

  • slickzip

    Jesse Jackson is an old time has been racist white hater (but sure loves white women) who wants his name back in the news .


    Where did he hide the limo he arrived in…probably around the corner. He is the 1%! Jesse should fit in well with all the Jew Hating Bigots in the crowd!

  • JBar595

    Gee, I can see the wheels turning in Jesse’s head, Who can I extort with this situation.

  • Enemyof Theobamastate

    Jesse Jackson? Hoe could anyone be less relevant than Jesse Jackson? African Americans wasted any opportunities that the civil rights movement provided them.

  • WereTurtle

    Everything seems to be the “Civil Rights” movement these days.

    There is nothing similar between Occupy X and the Civil Rights movement. In the Civil Rights movement, they wanted the same rights as everyone else – there is nothing wrong with that. The Occupy X movement wants the PROPERTY of everyone else – as they feel they are entitled to a free ride. They do not feel the need to earn a living or pay for their own education. They want it all handed to them on a silver platter.

  • CodeWarrior

    I wonder how the shake down hustle works here? A leaderless movement designed by socialists and run by anarchists is not exactly like a CEO of a deep pockets corporation hired by a Board of Directors. Will he scare the bejesus out of the Occupy movement by threatening a boycott the Rainbow coalition?

    Maybe Soros is just paying him directly, because we all know Jesse doesn’t do anything wihout a regular paycheck.

  • nadaone

    Who really cares what Jesse has ever had to say about anything?

  • JOe Dutra

    Hey Jesse, when was the last time you visited your love child? Rumor has it that you are delinquent in your support payments. When do you think the media will go viral on your other love child?

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