ATLANTA) The world’s premier non-violence civil rights organization, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference [SCLC], which was spearheaded by Dr.  Martin Luther King, Jr., has agreed to mentor and coach and consult the upstart Occupy Atlanta Movement.

That was a result of a spirited six hour meeting captained by SCLC President Isaac Newton Farris, Jr., and SCLC veterans J.T. Johnson, Rev.  Willie Bolden and Rita Samuels with Occupy Atlanta leaders Tim Frazen and Ron Allen. “This is just the 1968 Poor Peoples Campaign refashioned in the 21st  century,” opines Rev. Bolden, a former aide to Dr. King. “Once again, the
rich get richer and the poor get poorer. These kids get it like we did back in the day.”

“We’re willing to help if Occupy Atlanta wants our instruction and input, adds Johnson, who worked strategically with Ambassador Andrew Young and the late civil rights pioneer Rev. Hosea Williams. “We’ve been there with regard to expertise in non-violent civil disobedience.”

Atlanta police evicted the Occupy Atlanta protestors from Woodruff Park in downtown Atlanta on Wednesday.  SCLC President Farris, Dr. King’s nephew, negotiated a temporary encampment for Franzen’s  group behind the King Center on Auburn Avenue.

“I had a productive first meeting with leaders of the Occupy Atlanta Movement, hopefully as we continue to dialogue SCLC’s vast experience and expertise will bring organization, concrete strategies and realistic goals to Occupy Atlanta,” says Farris. “As a result of this initial meeting and as a sign of our willingness to be of assistance under the right circumstances we have intervened with the Park Service to get them to allow Occupy one more night on Park Service property.

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