Cobb Co. (WAOK/AP)-Four nurses are suing a nursing company because they say their leaders wouldn’t send black women to
take care of white patients.

In the 63-page lawsuit, the women claim Accord Services violated their civil rights. They said the health care company screened their nurses based on their race before sending them to a patient’s home. Another former employee, who was terminated by Accord, talked about the language she said was frequently used in their offices.
“You could hear something from ‘We can’t use a nurse because they were too ghetto’ or ‘This client doesn’t prefer foreigners’ and ‘Black women are not professional,'” Erika Arnold said, a former H.R. manager.

Throughout the civil rights lawsuit, the plaintiffs claim Accord Services administrators referred to their black employees as “too black, too ethnic, and too old or too ghetto.”


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  1. Douglas T Neidermeyer says:

    I find nothing wrong with a company being concerned with the attitude and ethnicity of their employee being sent out to handle a case. Why send a out an African American nurse, if they know beforehand that the patient has a racist attitude and would be better handled by a non-African American nurse?

    Also ghetto is not a skin color, ghetto is an attitude and a personal choice. lets not mix up the two.

  2. Willy Wonka says:

    Some of the ladies in this field are from Africa and other countries. I have witnessed first hand how some of the older folks are not able to understand them vis a vis the accent. This is not to say they are bad just have an accent. So the older people they are dealing with. We all have accents and differences.

    Having said that does it not come down to whats best for the patient? Does an elderly black lady want some vegan feminist floozy protestor as her care giver? Coming in with Purple Dreadlocks and facial tattoos complete with spikes and chains? Does an Iranian guy want a Non Muslim Lumberjack lady from Paulding county? Not so sure…….

    I dont. Im White. Hell. I will take the African ladies all the time. But Im younger and am used to foreigner speech patterns.

    Geez. Just get back to work please.

  3. Remrem says:

    – Whitney is stunning, I have those same heels Your work is goeurogs .. Congrats again Whitney!! You looked beautiful!

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