SNELLEVILLE, Ga. (CBS Atlanta) — A naked Georgia couple is accused of giving their dog LSD.

Captain Harold Thomas of the Snellville Police Department said that official charges will be assigned pending a second, more thorough investigation, and a more coherent interview with the implicated parties.

“As of this morning, they were in the hospital,” he told CBS Atlanta, adding that they may have been released since then. “We’re waiting for them to calm down, and we’ll question them after (they do).”

Nicholas Modrich and Jamie Hughes, both 25, engaged in their own brand of mischief on Oct. 30 by ingesting gummy worms laced with LSD.

They then fed some of the psychotropic substance to their dog Oscar, reportedly exhausting their supply.

Cops were alerted to the situation when calls began to pour in reporting a naked couple running up and down the street. By the time they had arrived on the scene, the couple had returned to their residence.

“When we got (to their house) … Modrich answered the door wearing only socks,” Thomas said. “She was wearing pants, but no shirt.” Thomas added that the couple didn’t realize they were naked.

Modrich and Hughes were taken to a nearby hospital to detoxify, and to look at a cut Modrich sustained on his foot.

When authorities searched the area for Oscar, they discovered that he had been hit by a car.

Gwinnett Animal Control reportedly took Oscar at first, until Modrich’s family requested that the pet be taken to a veterinarian. Authorities were not able to comment further on Oscar’s condition.

An initial search of the house reportedly discovered marijuana, a bong, and more gummy worms. These candies were free of LSD, however.

Thomas expects that the couple will be arrested in due time. No matter what the outcome, however, he said that the circumstances are unique.

Added Thomas, “I’ve been doing this (job for) 31 years, and this is definitely a first.”

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  1. Bill Jamison says:

    These losers should be sterilyzed before they re-produce at the very least. Better yet, give them an OD and put them in an institution for the rest of their lives.

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