As many of you may know, Derrick’s free and out of jail. A total of 52 protestors were arrested and sent to jail and were bailed out today. While Derrick was being processed out of jail, we had Attorney Antavious Weems fill in and give us the scoop on what REALLY went on last night at Woodruff Park. Click  the audio link to hear the conversation and view the slideshow as we welcomed our brother Derrick Boazman back in the studio…

Attorney Antavious Weems held the show down the first hour and a half.  Click the audio to listen…

Finally Derrick Boazman Joins us in the studio…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  1. Sarah says:

    DB I’m glad to hear that you’re out of jail, Tanesha and Attny Antavious Weems held down the fort for you and did a marvelous job while you were out…We’re glad that you have a large contingent of attorneys on retainers to help out in situations like this…I still say recall Kasim Reed and i’m with Joe Beasley on this recall…

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