Today was a very special and serious day for the V-103/WAOK family, as the Frank & Wanda Morning Show joined forces with Lorraine Jacques White’s Powertalk to address the alarming reports regarding the actions of our children and their involvement on sexting, oral sex and social networking.

This on-air, town hall meeting was inspired by the recent situation with a young girl named Amber Cole who was videotaped doing an unmentionable act (google her name for more details), but the purpose of today’s discussion was NOT to “perpetuate” the act, but to spark and provide forum to the necessary conversations about why and how kids get involved into situations like this.

Listen to the opinions, thoughts, and the outcry of the parents, students, teachers and experts who shared on our show today:













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  1. porsha says:

    Our youth are acting out from all the negative images around them, music, tv. internet. As a single mother with a young daughter, the one thing i did not do is act like me and my daughter were “buddies”, i put fear into her, to let her see who is the boss and the head of my single household……. but i tenderly gave her a lot of love and ATTENTION. I did not just drop her off at the skating rink- i stayed and skated with her. The same applies to the movies. When she was young we did everything together, this helped to develope loyalty and TRUST amoung the two of us. Then when she began to get into her teens, and started to push me to the side as she grew more independant and wanted to hang with her peers, she choosed to hang around or click with young girls like herself that were positive and wanted to hold on to their virtue and get good educations. I think establishing a strong trust base with her while she was young, put into her mind that she does not want to do anything to destroy that.

    Now the most important thing i did on purpose, but she did not know my motives- I MADE HER GET A JOB, I ENCOURAGED HER TO GET INTO ALL KIND OF ACTIVITIES AT SCHOOL AND ORGANIZATIONS, and i made sure that she did not have a lot of IDLE time on her hands or mind. An idle mind is the devils worshop. So keeping them busy in positive activities, and doing things with them as well, is the best way to build their character and self esteem, and keep them out of trouble.

  2. Ken says:

    Funny how V103 and ole Frankie don’t look @ their play list and the message that more than half the music puts out to young ears. I know it’s a business, but you can not have it both ways. Everyone is old enough to know it never works that way. Pick a side: God, or the work of the devil.

  3. Nefertiti says:

    why do we know her name and not any of the boys!!!

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