ROSWELL, Ga. (CBS Atlanta) — A Georgia man has filed a complaint against the Roswell Police Department after getting a speeding ticket while trying to rush his wife to the hospital.

Johnny White was pulled over Tuesday by a Roswell police officer for going 44 mph in a 25 mph school zone near Hembree Springs Elementary School. In a dash-cam video obtained by WGCL-TV, White explained to the officer of his wife’s stage 4 breast cancer condition and that he needed to take her to the hospital.

According to the Roswell Police Department incident report obtained by CBS Atlanta, the officer states that he asked White if he had any documentation stating his wife’s condition. The officer then says White became argumentative and told him to write the ticket if that’s what he wanted to do.

In the police video, Roxanne White becomes upset as she tried to look for paper work to show proof to the officer.

“I tried to show you my body. What else do you want me to show you?” she said in the video.

Johnny White then asked the officer, “Do you want her to pull out her breasts and show you?”

The officer initially asked if he wanted an ambulance to be called, but White said he did not. While the officer was writing the citation, White got out his vehicle after being told not to.

After the incident occurred, the officer asked again if he wanted an ambulance and White responded that he did. The ambulance arrived 25 minutes after the altercation happened.

“We do feel compassion for that person and we do feel empathy for that person,” Roswell Police Lt. James McGee told WGCL-TV. “We think our officer followed our policies and procedures.”

Roxanne was taken to North Fulton Medical Center, where doctors found blood clots on her lungs.

The Roswell courts fine for speeding in a school zone varies, but in White’s case, he was going 19 mph over the speed limit and issued a $430 ticket. The courts will review the citation.

Comments (5)
  1. Sarah says:

    It will be thrown out since this was a medical emergency, this dude should have called ahead and notify 911 that he was speeding taking his wife to the hospital for this emergency and not engage the officer in an argument which only delayed the time it took to get this woman to the emergency room…There was a similar case in Houston, TX where a pro athlete was speeding to get to the death bed of his mother-in-law and ran into a cop who became obnoxious with this person and his wife, even when the nurses and doctors came out and verified this woman was indeed on her death bed and dying…some people have no business being in some of the lines of work that they’re in…

  2. Rabbitears says:

    While I admire our servants in blue, some of them are in dire need of heart transplants.

    This is one of them, and if his department is backing him up, then the whole staff needs additional emergency medical training; along with lessons in compassion and common sense.

    1. Tbear says:

      I agree with Sarah/Rabbitears. Why didn’t this office render a police esort to the hospitol first and then deal oppropriate with the matter. Oh No thats not being a people person.
      If the shoe was on the other foot be different tho ha! Or because he has a badge he can do no wrong.

  3. jstream says:

    SAD SAD SAD, get her to the hospital and deal with it later..can’t anyone think outside the box

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