ATLANTA (WAOK)-On Monday afternoon, Occupy Atlanta protesters listed three demands to deliver to city hall “in an effort to bring local concerns to the national movement.”   Those demands listed were:

the immediate and unconditional rescinding of the recent MARTA fare hikes;

the immediate and unconditional end to the Atlanta Police Department’s stop and frisk policies, including road blocks;

and the immediate and unconditional repeal of House Bill 87, the Arizona copy cat law passed by the Georgia legislature.

Mayor Kasim Reed had set a deadline of Monday at 5 pm for protestors to vacate Woodruff park. Some Occupy Atlanta protestors said no matter what the Mayor ordered they had no plans to leave the park. Others said they would obey the Mayor’s order if he advised protestors to leave the area.

The mayor’s office released a written statement Monday evening regarding the future of the protestors. Mayor Kasim Reed said Occupy Atlanta protestors could continue their stay in Woodruff park until November 07 the date of the next Atlanta City Council meeting.

Protestors have been in Woodruff park for ten days protesting everything from corporate greed, to unemployment, to homelessness.

Comments (2)
  1. Concern says:

    50,000 Korean War National Museum supporters can use Charity Search Engines.

  2. Notasocialist says:

    Go f yourself losers. No one cares about any demands from pure commie pigs

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