ATLANTA (WAOK)-A protest of large corporations that began on Wall Street four weeks ago continues in Atlanta and other cities. Demonstrators are camped out in Woodruff Park. Atlanta Police say they can stay as long as they are orderly. However, Monday night Mayor Kasim Reed sent word to the protestors that they will soon have to leave Woodruff Park. The Mayor’s chief of staff told protestors they are violating a city ordinance that says Woodruff Park like all city parks must be closed by 11 pm.  No word on when protestors will be forced to leave.

With the slogan “We are the 99%” and “the people are too big to fail,” Occupy Atlanta’s website seeks to rally supporters as they continue to work to seek a consensus among local members about future plans for social action.

The movement that is the catalyst for the nationwide demonstrations, Occupy Wall Street, started in New York City’s financial district where protestors have spoken out about unemployment and economic inequality with the slogan “we are the 99 percent” – in contrast to the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans.

Protestors are still working to coordinate a message to the media.

Supporters of Occupy Atlanta goals include opposition to education budget cuts, support of universal health care, outrage over the execution of Troy Davis and  America from  the corporations that have control of the government.

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  1. sirwinston19 says:

    America long lack of jobs growth, foreclosures, etc., has been a big blow to America. I have been wondering why the United States Attorney General and the President’s Administration has not gone after these big CEOs. When people commit crimes upon others, they have to pay for it; surely, America has seen this big banks and other big finance company hammer american homeowners and other businesses; now, it is time they be haled accountable for their frauds, stealing, cheating upon american people. Unless this is done; America continue to lose strength in job lost, no growth and we continue to stay on a downward pattern because it is above our head to fix. If we are to come back as a country; then, we all know what has t be done!

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