WARNING: There are spoiler alerts below

You know, I’m starting to feel really bad for Dr. Hart on Hart of Dixie. She’s a nice girl who has worked hard all her life and now she’s dumped in this small town and treated like crap. In this episode, time and time again, Zoe tries to fit in so that the town will accept her, but she just gets blamed for everything. However, her resilience shows that she’s pretty tough and determined to make her way in Bluebell. Good for her!

Hart brought some medical drama to this episode and I am excited for what else there is to come. It’s kind of like an updated Grey’s Anatomy. It seems that every week we will get to experience one main case. Unlike Grey’s Anatomy though, this show really makes a connection with the patients that live in the town. Zoe has to learn about the person in order to correctly diagnose them and thus a relationship is created. It’s not the usual sterile relationship of doctor-patient.

Boy-wise, I’m surprised at how this episode turned out. Zoe obviously likes George (the lawyer – HOTTT) but doesn’t really interact with him much. Instead she gets in a lip-locked surprise smooth with country boy Wade. Nothing else really happens between them, but hopefully Zoe will get off her butt and go after one or the other pretty soon. I have a feeling the George scenario won’t happen until way down the line. So until then, let’s have some fun with the bad boy neighbor Wade! (You all know how much I like bad boys!)

We STILL don’t know much about what happened between Lemon and the Mayor, but I cannot freaking wait until that little piece of history unravels. I bet it’s going to be quite the dramatic event in this town. Obviously something happened between them in the past and Lemon’s having a bit of difficulty keeping it in the past.

Once again, Zoe’s clothes did not disappoint. Is it too cold to wear high-waisted shorts right now? Hey, it’s Georgia. I’m sure we will get another warm front before the weather decidedly changes to fall.

I’m off to shop for some new clothes that Dr. Hart has inspired for me…

georgia girl


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