ATLANTA (WAOK)-Officials from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) say they will use the recent execution of Troy Davis as an example of why the death penalty should be abolished in the state of Georgia.

On Thursday, Georgia NAACP State Conference President Edward Dubose and other local NAACP officials held a news conference to announce their plans to lobby state leaders to abolish the use of the death penalty. NAACP, Amnesty International and other civil rights organizations lobbied for Troy Davis’ life to be spared before his execution for the death of a Savannah Police officr in 1989. Civil and human rights officials said because 7 of 9 witnesses recanted their testimony identifying Davis as the shooter of Officer Masrk MacPhail, there was too much doubt to put Davis to death.

Troy Davis was put to death after appeals to the state and U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday September 21.

“Troy Davis’ last words to us before he was executed was to keep the fight up,” said Georgia NAACP President Edward Dubose. “To not stop until the death penalty in Georgia and across the country is abolished.”

Amnesty International is urging supporters worldwide who are outraged over the execution of Troy Davis to observe Saturday, October 1 – the day of his funeral– as a “Day of Remembrance.” The organization said it has seen an unprecedented outpouring of new support for its campaign to end the death penalty in the aftermath of the execution.

Amnesty International said over the days since the Sept. 21 execution, 105,000 people had signed its online pledge, “Not in my name,” committing themselves to work to abolish the death penalty.  The pledge was posted in the early hours after the execution in Georgia.

The NAACP will hold a memorial service for Troy Davis Friday in Savannah. Davis’ funeral is scheduled for Saturday morning. (refer to previous posts for info on the funeral)



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