Guess Where Boazman is Headed?

Click to see were Derrick was headed at 23 years old….

At 23 Derrick was of course……HEADED TO JAIL….WOW….LOL

db1 Guess Where Boazman is Headed?

Here Derrick leads protest at Morris Brown College in 1989 and is arrested with 27 others.

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    Still giving em hell :)

  • Sarah

    DB what happened to the hair??? Did it leave you or did you leave it??? Still the same DB, the peoples advocate…Keep giving them hell…

  • Niki

    Going to jail for worthwhile causes like protesting hike in tuition fees, removal of Afrikana studies from the curriculum, or solidarity with the staff over a hostile work environment is not the same as going to jail for car jacking or being ignant like these young punks to include TI and Lil Wayne.

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