We had three main topics today that included a Jewelry theft in Forsyth County, an SAT cheating scandal, and Georgia Immigration Board Member Phil Kent who had alot to say about Multiculturalism in Georgia. Click the audio links to hear the conversation…







Click below to hear what we’ll be talking about tomorrow!!!


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  1. The Black Falcon says:

    Multiculturalism is nice in theory but realistically it is not very feasible. Why do I say this? For starters, we live in a world with a finite number of resources. There is only so much to go around. And, with humans being hardwires for self-preservation, when push comes to shove (as it relates to survival) multiculturalism will loose out.

    Second, why is the whole notion of multiculturalism pushed in the “Black” community? We already are the most accepting group of people in America. You don’t see other groups of people welcoming Black folk into their communities. Why is that?

  2. porsha says:

    Black Falcon, one of my young nephews that is in college, told me about an article that was in Time magazine talking about the “swirl”. I laughed him off, but now when i look around, i do see that things are changing. Black children of today do not view race as people my age do, or my parents age. My nephew who is black, has a Korean and a white male roommates, and they call themselves, “brothers”, and all of them date all ethnicities of young college women. My college age daughter has different races of girlfriends who date white, latino, asisan, and indian men. When i see this going on, combined with the fact that younger black youth have no interest in holding on to just the black community, i have to ask myself is this a good or bad thing?

    Our heritage is rich and something to be proud of, but this machine of multiculturism, is too big to stop. Racists like Kent cant stop it, nor can blacks from the old school stop it. The black community in my eyes is done, there is no more black community, look around at who owns the businesses, again a product of multiculturism and a mix of capitalism. Yeah you have thousands of blacks that come together every Sunday in the hood to worship, but then most go home out of the hood, which is more than likey- not all black, but multicultural.

    1. Moni says:

      Porsha: Yeah when they come home from Sunday Worship, they may drive to a multicultural neighborhood – but how many are really spending time at each others Bar B Que’s — the Burbs have their own way of keeping people in their place.
      Have children been taught to be sensitive too the little things –
      They maybe dating each other, but are they being invited into these kids homes for Sunday Dinner where Uncle Cho is still calling blacks a CoCojin or Daddy is still calling an Indian a Coolie….
      I wish them well – and the only reason “THEY” own businesses in black/brown neighborhoods is because too many of people my age & older would not pay 10cents to 1$ more in businesses with people who looked like us.
      Segregation had its good points LOL

  3. Sarah says:

    Multi-culturalism is used to educate white children for them to be able to move around the globe into the job markets, it has nothing to do with blacks fitting into any picture or getting along with whites or other ethnicities..These whites know their rule of domination is changing hands from whites to people of multi-cultures/ethnicities, so they are positioning themselves to be in rulership of this new form of imperialism…Once again what does sexing and mating with people of other cultures going to do for black people? Blending yourself into nothing is exactly what the global elites is pushing with all this dating and marrying out your groups; notice this is only pushed one way, into the black community and not into the whites communities for them to look at blacks as desirable mates..We’re only desirable if we have money or things for others to exploit for their own financial gains..

    1. Moni says:

      Thank you Sarah – I had to cut and paste – 🙂
      Like I was excited about ‘the princess and the frog’ until I realized who the prince was…. So I took out fabric paint and gave him some color before giving my niece the sheet set LOL

  4. porsha says:

    Sarah and Moni, you both have very valid points………………….

    But Sarah i have to ask you this question, not for ridicule, because i really enjoy and respect your posts and stance on most of the issues…….. but what is it do you think drives a white woman to date black men so easily? They clearly do not have a problem with leaving their white culture behind to marry or date a black man, even to the point of being rejected by their own race. And i do know a lot of them that marry poor black men. We all know that a lot will run to our black atheletes, actors, rappers, etc…….. So what do you think pushes these whites to marry or date outside their ethnic groups?

    See Sarah, i have had to come to grips with some things that i did not want to face as a black woman, for starters the realities of the non existant black community. Who is the blame Sarah for other ethnic groups “using” black culture for financial gain……… Black people are the blame.

    These other groups study the spending habits and the mentalities of black people and come equipped to milk us for all that we have, and the sad part about it Sarah, is that we know all these things yet we still continue to financially support other groups as if they are our friends, and these people have gotten away without hiring ANY blacks in the neighborhoods they serve, and WE NEVER QUESTIONED OR DEMANDED ANY BETTER.

    I hate the injustices in this world as it relates to black people- my people, but Sarah i am tired as a women preaching this preserve the culture or the group when we as a group cannot seem to pull it together by coming together. Most young people today are not interested in black history or preserving the black culture- this is evident by their behaviour, and black men as a whole have no real interest in preserving the black culture, as evident with educated wealthy black men who purposely chose to marry white or nonblack women and take money OUT of the black community, now black women are begining to do the same out of the need to be married and have children, rather than be sad and alone…… and i dont blame them. The princess and the frog was very accurate as to how young black men and women feel about race, and they simply do not feel the same way we do. This Swirl thing is for real. And lets look at all the blacks that have used blacks to get ahead, then when they make it, they leave the black community behind, ie”rappers, business men, politicians, doctors, lawyers, judges, etc……………..

  5. Sarah says:

    I would say it starts at home with the programming that is done on our children starting when we put them in front of TV’s, and other visual media to include books where our children are not represented starting at very young ages…These children see white all day and all night so they will come to believe that white people are omnipotent…Inside ever black person is a white person, we have been cultivated to think like and behave like a European negro from the time we came out the womb, starting with the names we have from our last names to the first, which does not identify us or say we’re black people…

    We will have massive casualties in the black community because many blacks are comfortable being in the subservient positions their in, they will not stir the pot and will always settle for less… We like to say we have a 1.1 trillion spending in the black community, but we have no savings index in the black family…The white man knows that he has created a different being in the black man and woman, so that is why he is always telling us to give blood, do DNA testings and all manner of things for them to test us to see if we have something new in us that will show that we are developing a revolutionary streak or some enzymes that will be beneficial for white people genetic survival…

    White women believe in mating with men of color and making brown babies, that they are doing something for themselves, that they are the ones making these babies and not crediting the black man or man of color for giving her these babies…They are always in competition with the black woman and feel if that can have a brown colored child, then they are just like the black woman, able to make a black child..A White woman’s ideal mate is someone tall, dark and handsome, they spend money to get our lips, butt, breast, and skin color, imitate our speech pattern, mannerism and now they want to have brown children, which can only come from them mating with a black man thereby replacing the black woman in the black man’s life…Brown skin gives that appearance of health compared to their pale, white skin…White women and men have always envied us and will do anything either by killing or incarcerating us when they cannot get what they want..They have always had this love hate relationship with us…

    1. porsha says:

      Wow Sarah, always very enlightning. I do believe that every thing that you said about white women wanting to compete with black women, because deep down rooted from slavery, they really envy us and our strenghth as also evident in the movie “The Help”. But Sarah even with this being factual…… black men have played a role in this that cannot be overlooked.

      This is what i believe. Black men have created a dynamic which has given a lot of good black women no choice but to look outside the black race for relationships. Black men in the music/ video indusrty along with whites have created a dynamic where young black boys lust over and want non black women,leaving most young black girls especially those of darker hues, doubting their sense of beauty As a result young black girls either suffer from low self esteem, or flee outside the race as well. My daughter has 3 dark skinned good friends and all 3 date white and non black boys. My daughter says the ultimate man / husband for her is a black man, but she also says firmly that she is not going to turn away any race of man that treats her well and makes her happy. So her head and heart seems to be in the right place. Since i was in my early teens, i have been a crusader for black love and empowerment, but today- i am begining to believe those that have said we as a group will never regain the trust, love, and willingness to help each other rise- before integration. People who went through that horror knew that they were all each other had, so they protected their communities, the men protected their black women and children, the women looked after each other and each others children. Today we are so wide spread that i feel that it is too late to recover all that we have lost.

      Now about the education thing, i know of many blacks who wanted to move to the suburbs and make comments like ” I want my children to be exposed” by this they mean exposed to different races of people with the majority being white, and this is educated as well as non educated blacks that say things like this. …

      Believe me when i say that my daughter was raised to love her culture, but even she having been a product of the APS system and the suburbs, says that children her age do not view color the way we do. She and my nephew have a mix of friends and they both agree that racism exists, but they insist that they dont fool around with racists of any kind.

      So Sarah, with this in mind where do you see the black race in about 10 years, and i really want your opinion.

      1. The Black Falcon says:


        What you have to realize is that interracial dating and marriages are statistical anomalies. Facts are, people by-in-large date and marry within their specific race. Now, this may not be as “sensational” as talking about interracial dating or marriage, but the facts are what they are. Moreover, the largest number of interracial marriages occurs between White men and Asian women.

        Sarah is correct in that people are indoctrinated in this country by a “White is beautiful” campaign. White women are seen as the gold standard of beauty. This explains why some (not ALL) Black men lust after them. It also explains why Black women (yes Black women) spend billions each year trying to look like them (i.e. long, straight, blonde hair; light skin; blue or green contacts, etc.) So the pendulum swings both ways.

        As far as the “Black Community” it is a mythical existence much like the unicorn or fairy god-mother. Black folk have never been the cohesive unit and never will. Keep in mind it was Black folk in Africa who sold other Africans as slaves to the Europeans. The great divide that exists within the Black community is primary one of the have and have-nots. It never ceases to amaze me that when a Black person “makes it” he or she is criticized from leaving the hood. Who in their right mind would want to raise a family in a neighbor that is host to drug dealing, prostitution, armed robberies, rapes, and other violent acts on a constant basis? I wouldn’t. I say live where you want to live. Your Blackness is not determined by your address.

  6. porsha says:

    Black Falcon, i do agree with most of your post and i was certainly not suggesting that i was opposed to blacks moving out the hood. I was responding to what Moni posted as well as Sarah. A lot of blacks do not feel this need to hold on to the black race, especially younger blacks. A lot of white youth do not feel the need to hold on to the white race. Multiculturism could be a good thing, if we as black people look at it from a capitalistic point of view. The way i see it, is the world is becoming unwhite not unblack. There will be a majority of people of color, does it really matter if they are pure black as if any of us are anyway?

    In my posts i have tried to share with black folk time and time again, that wealthy people with long generational wealth dont give a hoot about class. There are only 2 with them…… those with money and power and those without, and this is what black folk need to realize and think about all day everyday…… how they are going to get the money and the power. At the end of the day, this is what drives America, and i plan to steer my own path sitting in that drivers seat. I see this swirl thing as a new oppurtunity for blacks to get into the game, or in 20 more years we will still be talking like Americas underclass, remember how a lot of us did not capitalize off the internet boom………………………..

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