President Obama’s Controversial Speech

Last Saturday, President Barack Obama spoke at the Congressional Black Caucus and many African-Americans were  unhappy with his message. Some feel that his speech was insensitive to the black community. So tonight Bev played a clip of President Obama’s speech, as well as a clip of Congress Woman Maxine Waters opinion on the speech. Do you think President Obama went to far? Click on the clip below and tell us what you think.




  • Moni

    He is only a president – he is not god. they played a ‘sound-bite’…

    He can not mend our families
    He can not change entertainment industry – to help change mind-set of the youth
    He can not make companies stay in this country & keep 35K-50K jobs that only require a high school diploma

    I notice that state, county, city jobs that allowed white people to hire family and have 3-4 generations of family working and retire from – now before 2nd/3rd generation blacks get in are now being privatized.

    That is underhanded and dangerous.

  • Ken

    Black people will never never see a Black President again. Can’t handle it without complaining or dragging him down. Crabs in a barrel. Black people are scared of revolution. Face it, you blew it. White man rule #003 Divide and Conquer.

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