We had the esteemed pleasure of catching up and talking to our friend, Former Mayor of Detroit Kwame KilPatrick. He’ll be in Atlanta all this week promoting his new book Surrendered: The Rise, Fall, and Revelation of Kwame KilPatrick. Click the audio link to hear how you can grab a copy…


kwame kilpatrick 450x301 0 Too Much Truth Recap: How Kwame Kilpatrick Surrendered...



Comments (2)
  1. s d campbell says:

    you had the “esteemed pleasure” of catching up with one of the biggest mistakes detroiters have ever made.

    the man is an unrepentant felon and will soon be in federal prison (along with several of his closest friends and relatives) convicted under RICO.

    you have really low standards!

  2. kmac says:

    Unfreaking believable. You want to know what’s wrong with African Americans and why there is so much mistrust? You are worshiping a felon who destroyed my city with greed, lies, more greed, more lies and stole from charities! This guy and his family, who you just seem to idolize is nothing more than a cheap, sleazy charlitan. But he is YOUR FRIEND and you smother the s o b with your praise. FOR WHAT? He is a felon and soon to be doing 20 to life for all of his and his family’s crimes. This is why your race can never seem to improve your lot in life. It is because you IDOLIZE criminals like this. So go back to telling lies and making this crook out to be all that and a bag of chips while your ‘readership base’ keeps on cashing in those food stamps. IDIOTS!

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