Atlanta (WAOK)-About 5 thousand supporters of Troy Anthony Davis marched from Woodruff Park to Ebenezer Baptist Church on Friday to show support for the death row inmate’s request for clemency. Speakers included Rev. Al Sharpton of the National Action Network, NAACP President Benjamin Jealous, Martin Luther King 111, and activist Dick Gregory. Davis has a clemency hearing scheduled for Monday before the Georgia Board of Pardons and Parole. He is scheduled to be executed by lethal injection on Wednesday September 21. Here is a snapshot of some of the people who attended the event.

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  1. sircharles19 says:

    Savannah police department perhaps assume the wrong role in this matter pertaining to Mr. Troy Davis. When a police officer is killed by anyone; an all out war is announced and other police officer blood boils to a point where anyone of interest will do. The bottom line is, they did not do a professional job and investigation in this Troy Davis case; hearsay, fingers pointing, no fact, people being forced to make statements about this man surely, we are sad about the police officer; just as we also know the story that happen recently about a black man being stop and shot in the head by a Savannah police and while that too was such a sad case and all of the facts prove that the man did nothing, it was merely put to rest very, very quickly and yet, a lady lost her husband and the children lost their father by a police officer acting in a manner that is very troublesome and unprofessional. What happen when people start an all-out-war on him because they too want jutice for this black man who was killed for no reasons. Mr. Davis is hunted in the same unjustice manner and left to rot on death row for something he did not do; and after all of these years, the investigation stoped because they have not went further in trying to find the real killer of Officer McPhail. Killing Mr. Davis will only do one thing, he will lie in his grave but those wanting him or approve his death sentence will not solve the case and the killer wlll continue to walk and be seen by Officer’s McPhail mother and son along with the rest of the family. Mr. Davis family will also walk around and see the family as well while their brother rest in his grave; no one will ever have true justice because it is now so important that Mr. Davis die. This case can be solved and solved in a rightous manner. Both sides of the family should stop and say to one and other that many lives are being affected because of Officer McPhail’s death, and to get to the bottom, all of the facts should be put right on the table where experts can really see if Mr. Davis had any part of shooting this officer and did he have that gun in his hands. Without true and hard facts, why should Mr. Davis continue to be locked up and suffer for a crime he did not commit. Ms. McPhail’s mother should not just want to see Mr. Davis death if he is an innocent man. We all agree with her that justice has to be served; but served on the person who did the killing!

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  3. DWM says:

    Sorry, I guess Tom Joyner, Michael Baisden, Steve Harvey, and the other DJs are going to get their listeners rounded up! Like always this will be turned into a RACIAL issue.

  4. sunshine says:

    TO DWM, if this isn’t a racial issue, then what is it? Why are they so determined to execute a man for a crime where there is serious doubt that he did it? A black man killing a white cop is not something that white people take lightly. This being a racial issue is debatable, but most assuredly this is an unjust situation.

    1. DMW says:

      Bla Bla Bla, just listen to Tom Joyner, Michael Baisden, or Steve Harvey winding up all of thoes people! Then all of you people will cry fowl racism!

      1. DMW says:

        and ask your self the question: If it were a black cop and a white guy that killed him, would thoes people be raising a stink if the killer was white?

  5. Pastor W,Johnson says:

    If it were a single doubt as to weather the suspect was innocent or guilty yes a righteous people would raise a stink, simply because we need to be sure when we put some one to death

  6. Nat Turner says:


    it always about race in this country…

    75% of the people who kill cops are white male…

  7. ABBEY says:


    TURN TROY DAVIS LOSE1111111111111

  8. Ron.H says:

    First of all To brother Troy Davis, this life is but a “TEST”.In everything we do in this world,and in this life.The test ,is that God allows us to be subjected to daily “perils” ,task,and situations like yours,just to see if we will “KEEP our Faith in him”,and him alone.This is what being “Faithful and Truthfulness”, in God ,is all about.If we truly beleive in God,just like his son (JESUS CHRIST),died for us,we too must not fear ,dying for him,or in his name,when the time comes.So,have no fear Brother,God is with you always.I carried this faith with me when it was time to go to war in Vietnam.MLK,carried thiis same faith with him.As for the Police officer’s family,they seem to just want “someone” to die for the murder of the officer,guilty or not,it seems.But,even if they kill Troy Davis,it won’t bring the Police Officer back.I wonder how would they feel if the execution is carried out,and the real murderer surfaced ?If they execute this man,I think we should pressure the Georgia Criminal Injustice System ,to bring all living people,connected to all of cases of “LYNCHINGS/Murders” in Georgia,to Justice A.S.A.P.It seems ,that since they are so “extremely committed” to bringing criminals to “Justice “,then these cases should be “TOP PRIORITY” right? Ain’t it time for Justice yall ??Oh yes,As for mr./ms. “DMW”,you sound like the typical “rcist’,you don’t know “JACK”.If you did,you’d know that in this Country,It’s all about Race,always have been,always will be………………………..Ron.H

    1. DWM says:

      I am no way shape or form a Racist, I listen to Tom Joyner and just laugh at his views, then I liten to Michael Baisden and again have to laugh. The man was found GUILTY, and you bet your a– if it were a white guy that killed a black guy then the blacks would be calling for the white guys head on a platter. It is such a double standard and its ashame that so many people are just plain STUPID to see the real picture. I wish I had all of the free time like thoes people protesting do.
      Have a nice day and if you listen to Tom Joyner in years past then I guess you can figure out what “DWM” stands for.

  9. SABA says:

    The cop’s family should want justice for their loved one and if there is even a 1% chance that Mr. Davis did not kill him – they should be on the side of life and not death. The death penalty is a blight on all of us because we are the one’s on whose behalf the state of Georgia is supposedly acting. I wouldn’t want the blood of anyone on my hands, especially that of an innocent man.

  10. emil says:

    After nearly 1 million petition signatures delivered to stop the execution of Troy Davis, calls for clemency from the Pope, Reagan’s FBI Director, and countless others, clemency for Troy Davis was today denied.

    Learn more and take action to help Troy Davis here:

  11. dee dee says:

    DMW you can blame it on Tom Joyner, Micheal Baisden and Steve Harvey all you want but people know and YOU know this country is racist. Do you talk the same trash about Rush Limburgh when he’s snorting coke and trying to keep America divided with all his hatred for the President? As far as a white person killing a black police officer well, that has already happened, the only difference is they get away with it and they’re not put to death like Troy. Don’t worry about Troy, Our Father God in heaven will take care of him because Jesus was killed by evil people who accused him of a crime he did not commit. Troy’s death will only bring sleepless nights for those who kill a innocent man without the proper evidence. God will make sure Troy feels no pain as he transition into the other world leaving this evil, racist, unfair land to the men who surely will not get a pass into heaven – THANK GOD! Troy will no long have to cry at night while he’s anticipating being killed by COLD heartless Killers! As for DWM comment about Troy being found guilty well, every black man that was hung by a tree was found guilty RIGHT! Hung by a tree in front of their kids and wives just for fleeing for freedom or for protecting themselves. Tom, Micheal and Steve are only 3 men who have a right to express their feelings about unjust causes towards any human being and if you listen to each of their shows daily than you would know they have touched on all injustices not just the ones against black people. You sound really silly writing a comment like that on this blog when eveyday white people get away with murdering and covering up crimes for each other. You sound like a whinner, no better yet, you sound like a FOOL!

  12. DWM says:

    Dee dee,
    I am not a racist, in fact i have many friends and co-workers of diffrent races. As to Rush Limbaugh, can’t stand him, so you have no clue to make assumptions! I see Troy is going to refuse his last meal, That boy is an idiot!
    As to Tom Joyner, Michael Baisden, and Steve Harvey, I and you are alike, we are just like them and expressing our feelings. If you have a beef or issue, the issue is with the judge and jury that found the boy guilty and sentenced the boy to death.
    As to your slavery / civil war issues and feelings, I wasn’t born at that time and my family wasn’t in this country so don’t take it out on me and many others. We had nothing to do with that issue.
    I might bee a fool, but I speak the truth and sometimes the truth hurts. Have a nice day!

    1. SABA says:

      If it will make you sleep better at night that a potentially innocent man is murdered by the government then by all means sleep well tonight. But just remember that there may come a time in your life that you will be subjected to an injustice that all your white skin privilege cannot protect you from…and make no mistake, that day will come. A society that is morally and economically in decline affects all that live within it -its just a a matter of time before they come for you too. And calling a grown man a “boy” says nothing about who he is but it sure does say a whole lot about who you are. – Mr. I’m Not A Racist.

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