To a 9th grader from Carver High School called in and gave us an disturbing report on the status of APS. We were informed that students are not allowed to take home books to study after school. This opened the door for a much needed conversation on not only Atlanta Public Schools, but ALL OF METRO ATLANTA public school systems! Click the audio link to hear the conversation…


6a00d8341c767353ef015433d193db970c 800wi Too Much Truth Recap: Are we REALLY Preparing our Children For Failure?





Here’s what the young student had to say…





Comments (2)
  1. NAT TURNER says:

    i can understand this…

    however, the schools should provide the students with some form of curriculum they can take home…

  2. Moni says:

    no matter what city – town or state you live in – children are not being educated.
    but if they (educator’s) made a disk that could be played on Play Station or X box – how smart would the kids become – and if during Housewives of Where ever stopped – and for 15 min gave grammar, science & math lessons how concern would parent (s) realize they should be.
    30+ years it has taken to dumb american kid down….. but why is the Asian & Jew(white) kid still scoring high in everything and Asians too many English is a second lang.

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