Bartow County police have arrested a man of interest in connection with a bizarre murder in a Clayton county home. Police say  two children were found tied up, and a woman was found stabbed to death on Monday. trans Man Arrested in Bizarre Incident in Bartow County UPDATE
33 year old William Nazario was arrested in connection with the crime. Police found a 9 year old girl with Nazario when he was arrested in a hotel room near Acworth Monday afternoon. Police say 9 year old Alysia Walton dialed 911 and told police Nazario was staying at the hotel.  Police say the two other children, one 4 and the other 12 years of age, may have been tied up and left in the house with the dead body of their mother for the entire weekend.

According to reports, arrest warrants state that Nazario allegedly fought verbally and physically with Korean Bowden on Friday. Nazario allegedly has admitted to police that he stabbed Bowden and tied up two of her children to prevent them from seeing what he had done, the warrant states. Bowden’s 12-year-old daughter told police her mother’s boyfriend tied her up Friday and tried to rape her the following day.


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