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I'm Allison, your Georgia Girl. I am a 22 year-old who just graduated from college and I am ready to start my life! After years, and years of school, hours and hours of classes, and late night after late night of studying I am finito and am excited for what lies ahead. I am a born Atlantan and moved all the way to Athens to go to school at the University of Georgia. Definitely the best four years of my life as of today, but now that I'm back in Atlanta, I cannot wait to reacquaint myself with all the things this city has to offer.


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So sad… I only have one more day in London and then I am off! Currently, I am staring at the flat I have been living in for the past 6 weeks and cannot fathom how I am going to pack it all in 2 small suitcases. Ok, to be fair, it’s one large suitcase and one small one. Add in all the extra clothes and souvenirs I have purchased… I will probably be sitting on my suitcase to make it close. Perhaps I should have purchased another bag. Oh yeah, and that weight limit thing? Fuggeddaboudit. Someone will be paying extra to check their bag. Where’s Dad’s credit card when you need it?

I need to catch my flight to Italy at 7:10am! So, I will be getting up extremely early Friday morning. Early is now redefined. I have to get up at 3:40AM! That’s the time I go to bed, not get up. Perhaps I should just stay up for one last night at the pub… I didn’t realize that British transportation was so complicated. I have to catch a taxi to a bus stop to an airport and THEN I can get on my flight. OMG!! So much work at such an early time.

Public transportation is highly overrated.

Here is a little sneak peek at what I will be doing for the next week:
We are heading to Venice and I cannot wait to ride in a gondola. I hope the gondolier is cute. Next, we will be heading to Athens, Greece for a little fun in the sun and to check out that Parthenon (and all the guys). After Greece we are flying back to Italy to stay in Rome for a few days. I have wanted to go to Italy for so long! Now I’m going twice… on the same trip.

I cannot wait to see all the ruins and sights in Rome… blah, blah, blah. What I am REALLY looking forward to: the FOOD. Especially in Italy. Especially after Britain. All that authentic Italian pizza and pasta…yum… I hear my stomach growling already.

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