$80,000 Anonymous Offering to Georgia Church

ATLANTA (WAOK)-A Columbus Georgia church says it is going to keep an $80,000 winning Georgia lottery ticket that was placed anonymously into the offering plate at a recent Sunday service. The Cathedral of Prayer Inc. was the lucky recipient of the funds.  The church recently was the victim of copper thieves. The air conditioning unit was stripped and needs to be replaced.

A church spokesman told the Georgia lottery, “It’s an excellent thing. People in the community have come by and put lottery winnings in the offering through the years.”

The $80,000 prize is by far the largest they’ve ever received.

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  • Sarah

    My, my, my, isn’t this most convenient that the Bible preaches against gambling and yet when it’s most convenient, these holy rollers will turn a blind eye to this sin of gambling…This goes to show like everything that is irrelevant, the Bible and these preachers will manipulate you and everything around you whenever it’s to their advantage…

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