With the recent flash mobs in causing chaos in Philadelphia, the rise of crime rates and teen pregnancies, have we officially lost control of our teens? Bev Smith addresses the issues on tonight show as she talks to a young man who speaks on behalf of the younger generation, and explains why they behave the way they do. Click below to hear what you missed.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Ms Bev I will disagree with you on this about what one black does is a reflection on other blacks..We’re the only ethnic group that allows this blanket statement to be carried on our shoulders, white people don’t take on and apologize for the Jeffrey Dauhmer’s, John Wayne Gacy’s, or Tom McVeigh’s which they are plenty of in their community..We have got to stop allowing a few to be the representative of the whole group…I don’t agree with the these young men tatting up their bodies, piercings and wearing their clothes with their underwear showing..Time for us to clean up ourselves, our communities and stop coming up with excuses…

  2. Gloria Brinson Todd says:

    These black teens are giving their parents a bad name. This is the result of 72% of illegitimacy in the black community when men and women decide to fornicate with abandon without the benefits of an excellent college education, financial security and a stable happy marriage. You create criminals, dropouts, loafers and losers. Add a dose of institutional racism into the mix and the problems are tenfold.

    1. just sayin' says:

      Gloria you must have not heard of the 3 young black boys in Atlanta that were caught trying to steal a white mans computer in an affluent community? Turns out the 2 that thought of the plan came from two parent households in which one couple were both Doctors with prestigous careers, and the others were both educators, one college level. So what do you think was the cause here, illegitamacy or just down right ignorance? Oh did I mention that they all had computers at home in their own affluent upper class neighborhoods?

  3. Leonard W Giddens Jr says:

    If you remember the days of time out and later these so called child protection agencies that told you how you were to treat your child. Kids are people too, they should be able to make some decissions on their own. In my time, you had nothing to say but yes mam, mam or sir as long as you ate their food and lived under their roof. It did not matter if you had stop going to school and had a job you respected your parents rules. That’s long gone and that is the main reason these young blacks are out of control. There arn’t any excuses. I came up poor and went to bed a many of night hurngry. I did nothing like this, it made blacks look period.

  4. Moni says:

    All have points….
    Many RICH black kids feel ~ being Black is acting like mama had 2-3 kids from boyfriends and their parents FORGET they are still black and their child is not equal… Many times the more money a person makes the more time they spend out of the home. I remember to like LWG Jr. – when Grandma made you pick your own switch, many of remember the belt left hanging as a reminder… and those good church people who had no problem – snitching on you…..
    When did a persons actions stop being a reflection on their parents – and family.
    OHHH maybe when as Ms. GBT stated above. i remember TV commercials asking ‘DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR CHILDREN ARE’ but at the same time Saturday morning cartoons was telling your kids if they were being mistreated (spanking) to tell some one…. How many people know of friends and family who had to just maybe ‘hit that behind’ in public and found the cops in their driveway because some one took down license plate…. We are the Angry Black Woman scaring their kids with ‘THE LOOK” we do so well – that would slam dunk a child back in line…. I’m 5’ and had to jump on the hood of my car to put my 5’8″ nephew in a head lock for defying what i said — the little A-hole waited for White people to come out of office building at lunch time to act like the N-word use to mean — so i had to get ghetto dare them to call the cops , but they just looked had a something to talk about —- an his mother got her emergency rent money…..
    Sad but we are judged by what others black do —- Lets not forget —– when a store on the east side ($$$$) of NYC would not open the door for OPRAH until they realized the who the dark black woman was…. LOL

    When are YOU Parents going to force the music and fashion industries to change —- and stop allowing Entertainment to be a way of life…. Yeah white kids do their thing too – but they rule the money right now – and the Asian community will never allow access to media to see their dirt…. We allow too much to be others peoples entertainment…. and no one is getting paid

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