Whose Rights Are More Important? Smokers or Non-Smokers-UPDATE

The Dekalb County Commission decided to table the vote on the smoking ban until September .

ATLANTA (WAOK)- The DeKalb County Commission is facing that question on Tuesday and is apparently ready to side with smokers. The commission is slated to vote tomorrow on a county Board of Health proposal to ban smoking in all public places in DeKalb, including parks, bars and strip clubs.

Five of the seven commissioners are expected to vote against the ban, agreeing with owners of DeKalb’s eight adult clubs that the ban would hurt their bottom line. Health officials say second-hand smoke, costs every DeKalb household $548 for direct healthcare charges.

If you want to weigh in with your opinion,  the meeting is Tuesday, August 23,  at 9 a.m. at the Manuel Maloof auditorium, 1300 Commerce Dr., Decatur.

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  • Leonard W Giddens Jr

    The same old claim, it would hurt their bottom line. Hog wash. I don’t know what is in the ciggarettes of today, but if it is as dangerous as that foul oder, it needs to been banned at any public place. The smell itself is just plain sickning. How anyone could stand to be that close to that order, is beyound me.

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