ATLANTA (WAOK)-Gerald Rose, president of the Atlanta based New Order Human Rights Organization, held a press conference and rally Sunday, Aug. 21, 2011, near a memorial for Jackson resident James Craig Anderson, who died after being hit by a truck  June 26 at the Metro Inn on Ellis Avenue in Jackson, Miss.

Deryl Dedman of Rankin County, 19, is accused in the alleged hate crime in Anderson’s death. John Rice, 18, also of Rankin County, is charged with assault in the case.

Rose reported receiving several death threats before the rally but went ahead with the event anyway. Several hundred people attended the rally.

(AP Photo/The Clarion-Ledger, Greg Jenson)

justice rally 2bilde 1 Rally in Jackson for Murdered Man

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  1. Jere says:

    To all whom are men and women of “GOODWILL”, listen and listen good.This thing called racism ,and the hatred associated with it, in whatever form,is a “SPIRIT”,or DEMON…… This evil has been introduced,accepted,taught,maintained,trained,noursihed,promoted,in our country and the world before America became America .But it was used to divide this country from day one,and contiues to this day.The people that committed this “evil” act,were performing in the physical,because of the demonic teachings passed on to them by their ancestors,that probably committed the same evil acts to some other ,poor,innocent,Black or person of color,simply for one simple,outrageous,immature ,nonsense of a reason, the “color of one’s SKIN. It is up to “US”,the people of “GOODWILL” ,to “REVERSE” this “INSANITY”.Let’s do it people,stand up against haters,racist,and evil everywhere,I am,will “YOU”????????????????

  2. Sarah says:

    Cowering in the dark and praying to an invisible being will not get rid of the hatred that has always been directed towards black people, we will have to stand up and beat these people in a physical fight to get them off our backs..We have been avoiding this fight by praying, trying to love the unlovable all in the hopes they will see us as one of them, they will not..When we realized these people will always hate us because we were the first born, the creator choose us to be the parents of all peoples on this planet while these children of the universe have been running the planet into ruins, we the adults need to wake the hell up, get the straps and whip these children into shape…

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