The NCAA is looking into a claim from a convicted Ponzi schemer that he gave thousands of dollars worth of gifts and services to dozens of football players and recruits with the University of Miami Hurricanes.

Yahoo! Sports reporter Charles Robinson broke the story following an 11-month investigation into claims that Nevin Shapiro gave players gifts, jewelry, sex parties, and even an abortion for one player’s girlfriend.

Robinson doubts the NCAA will impose a “death penalty” on the Hurricane’s football program like it did at SMU.

The athletic association is still conducting its own review of the violations that allegedly took place between 2002 and 2010.  Shapiro’s lawyer says the gifts came to light when auditors were going through his books in an attempt to trace missing assets that were part of his $930-million Ponzi scheme.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Yes they need to loose all accredidation and should not be able to recruit any players..The NCAA investigating themselves? What is wrong with this picture? Here we have the institution that setup this whole scenario looking into investigating themselves…We need to stop sending our children to these schools which in actuality is a “sports slave plantation”, using these black and brown bodies to grind out championships, make billions for these schools and these players can’t get a $200.00 airline ticket to go home for a death in the family without risking loosing their scholarships???

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