ATLANTA (WAOK)-A Douglas County teen will face charges as an adult in an attack on his grandmother and great-grandmother. Gevin Allen Prince, 15, had his initial appearance in court on Wednesday. Police say Prince attacked his grand mother and great- grand mother with a Samurai sword  Monday afternoon at a home on Spring Ridge Drive in Douglasville. 77-year-old Mary Joan Gibbs, the great-grandmother, died from her injuries.

Prince faces charges of malice murder and four counts of aggravated assault in the case.

Douglas County District Attorney David McDade said that two of the assault charges stem from Prince’s alleged attacks on his great-grandmother,  and his grandmother, Laura Prince, 55. Laura Prince is recovering from her wounds.

The other two assault charges were from the defendant who allegedly chased two neighbors with the sword who tried to intervene in the incident. The two neighbors were not physically injured.

Gevin Prince, has been described as mentally disturbed. Police say when they arrived at the house Prince was standing in the doorway with the three-foot Samurai sword and a pellet rifle. The teen allegedly used the rifle to shoot out the windows of a patrol car.

Officers report they had previously visited the home because of the teen’s behavior. On one occasion deputies confiscated a sword that was used to injure the grandmother. Prince is expected to remain in the Douglas County Jail without bond.


Comments (2)
  1. Sarah says:

    Why the hell is this boy not stretched out on a cold slab in the morgue? If this was a black youth, he would be so full of holes, he would resemble swiss cheese..Where are the parents of this child? Mother, father? Where are they, and why was this child not in some treatment facility if he was mentally disturbed and all dangerous weapons removed from the home??? If this was a black child or any of the other colored ethnic groupings, he would be in a morgue with a toe tag..

  2. SHAKKA says:

    LOL @ Sarah…

    the boy shot out the police car windows, lunged at officers with the same sword he used to kill his grandmother…

    and the police handle him with kid gloves…

    you are right Sarah…he should be breathing DUST…

    Never listen to what they say…just pay attention to what they do…

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