Chuck D Speaks… And Says A Mouthful!

He’s outspoken, he’s powerful, he’s got A LOT to say! He’s none other than CHUCK D of Public Enemy and we had him on Powertalk today to comment on the issues in Black America.

We’d do him a disservice if we tried to summarize his brilliance, so we’ll let you hear him for yourself:



What do you say? Do you agree with Chuck D’s thoughts? Do you believe his voice is still relevant this day in age? We do… but YOU #SoundOff!

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  • Shawn

    O yes most definitely his voice is relevant. I wish he had a talk show.

  • Sarah

    This was a great interview by Chuck D, I hope he and Prof Griff have mend their differences and will reunite for a tour..Flava Flav is something else, I could do without see him being a caricature of himself, playing to the lowest level for laughter..

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