Today we enlightened you with two topics; 1st: Is it acceptable or can you justify a reason to sell drugs or illegal substances in these hard economic times? Topic #2: We went out to see ‘The Help’!! What was your critique and how did  you feel about it? Click the audio links to hear the conversation!




  1. porsha says:

    Seeing the movie The Help only reaffirmed my suspicions about the book. It was the same tired retoric that white folk like to hear and see over and over again. It was a stealing as usual of black folks talents, and then you have the white woman being the saviour of these black housekeepers and nannies. PLEASE!

    And the real lie is that someone white gave the profits of the book to black maids, PLEASE!

    This movie is not oscar worthy, but i am sure white folk will push it to the maxx.

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