Dougherty Gang Captured in Colorado

ATLANTA (WAOK)-They were called the “most dangerous family in America”. The three siblings known as the Dougherty Gang were arrested in Colorado today after a nationwide manhunt that lasted a week. The FBI says the three suspects, Ryan Dougherty, Dylan Stanley,  and Lee Dougherty were arrested following a high speed chase. The Dougherty gang was wanted in connection with shooting at a police officer in Florida and a bank robbery in south Georgia. Here is the latest on the case from our sister station in Denver  CBS4.

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  • Ken

    Dey nice and white. They will be looked upon as anti-establishment heroes. Can’t wait for the movie.

  • Sarah

    The cops only knows to shoot center mass at black and brown targets…This white woman chambered a round, pointed her gun on law enforcement when they were attempting to arrest this gang, guess what? They shot her in the leg instead of in the chest or head…It figures, law enforcement only make kill shots when they have to deal with black people, especially when you’re running away from them..

  • Xyr

    Truth. This will be a Lifetime movie. Poor innocent people….21stCentury Bonnie and Cyde…and Clyde…

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