ATLANTA (WAOK)- After only officially working on her new job for one day, Kathy Augustine was voted out as the new superintendent of the DeSoto Independent School District on Monday. The vote was 3-2 to remove Augustine, who had been implicated in the Atlanta Public Schools cheating scandal.

The board of trustees chose to cancel Augustine’s three-year contract and negotiate a buyout, making her the highest-ranking Atlanta administrator to lose a job because of the scandal.

More in this report from our sister station in Dallas, CBSDFW,com

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  1. Sarah says:

    I see a lawsuit in the works over this mess…This woman moved across country at great expense and for this to happen to her over allegations? I say BS. She could always go to a charter or parochial school system, open her own consulting educational business and move on from this. When one door closes, another one or window, opens…They will have to buyout my contract, to include my house, if I bought one to move to TX and living as well as incidental expenses…

  2. Sharon says:

    I had a feeling this cheating scandal will be a taint that reverberates to the point of public schools will continue to be viewed as disasters. Now, educators will be further maligned and undermined to the point where many are looked upon as damaged goods not fit for educating young people.. The melancholy, part is many of these educators may be talented but will be dismissed as the main problem. I still feel parents should also play a key role in their children’s education along with educators. Often times, parental neglect which is widespread goes under the radar. Hopefully, Ms, Augustine can apply her skills in another form and don’t allow this current setback get the best of her. I feel she may be ok in the long run.

  3. Texas Idiots says:

    I see a couple of villages have lost their idiots. You’re defending a women who said, when confronted by the FACT that APS test scores had a one in one BILLION chance of being legitimate, brush off ALL calls for an investigation with the following:

    “We see no need to investigate; we expect outliers every year”

    Outliers that have a one in one BILLION chance of being legitimate?

    And you two would defend this woman?

    1. Sarah says:

      Your name speaks for you..We’re all innocent until proven guilty in a court of law..Learn to string a few sentences together in a coherent manner that the average eight grade will be able to overstand, (no misspelling) including yourself, since you are indeed the village idiot..

  4. kenny b says:

    Yes.Because white’s people don’t give a hoop about blacks being educated.Everytime they need to cut something from the budget.The blacks get cut first.I read to my kids every nite and i read to other parents kids at my child daycare.Because reading is very important when kids are young..What have you done to kids.

  5. SHAKKA says:

    they had to buy her out of the contract, which i’m quite sure was a substantial amount..

    she’s a bright person…she’ll find employment elsewhere. and she’ll have a nice sized nest egg to sit on while she’s searching…seeing as how the village idiots in Texas have a few hundred grand to throw away…

  6. Sharon says:

    No one is saying cheating is right. Of course not. It used to be that some of the students would cheat either because they forgot to study or they just did not understand a particular subject manner. Furthermore, whenever students struggled in school they were either placed in special education, retained in a grade level or dropped out. However, many of these African American children start out behind and once you are behind it is often difficult to catch up. I often hear it is cultural and the African or Latino children have difficulty with the SAT, ACT and the CRT examinations. I think it is awful that the teaching staff resorted to cheating just to reach a quota or to achieve results so the schools can receive more funding. Many of the staff were not all intentional and some were. However, it may also be that some African American students have difficulty learning in a european, centered, learning, environment, Something has to be done to improve these African American students graduation rates. Otherwise, we will keep hearing the same stories about the chronic failures. Parents have to engage or be active participants in their children’s lives along with good teachers hastening improvements in education. With the budget cuts coming up, school budgets will tighten. Yet global competitiveness is on the line in the United States for all ethnicities, We are in a global world and that will not end.

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