ATLANTA (WAOK)-On Monday August 8, the Jonesboro City Council voted 5 to 1  to approve an ordinance that bans the saggy style  after heated debate among residents and councilmembers.

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When Jonesboro Mayor Luther Maddox heard that nearby Hampton Georgia had passed a sagging pants ordinance, he decided not to waste time joining them. Mayor Maddox says even though Jonesboro doesnt have a major problem with sagging pants, he wants to make sure the issue never becomes one.

The Jonesboro City Council is holding a public hearing on the matter Monday night at the Jonesboro Police Department before it takes a vote on whether to pass an ordinance making it illegal to expose underwear or skin by wearing your pants below your waistline.

According to the amendment, violators could be charged with disorderly conduct if they appear in public wearing sagging pants, shorts, or a skirt more that three inches below the hips and expose skin, undergarments or underwear.

The amendment also says police officers can give a verbal warning but if someone refuses to pull up their pants, the officer can then charge the person with disorderly conduct. Offenders will then receive a ticket.

A vote on the proposed ordinance could happen within a week.

In addition to Hampton which passed its sagging pants ordinance on July 22, Cordele and Dublin, Georgia have passed similar laws.  Back in 2007 Atlanta City Councilman C.T. Martin lobbied for a ban but the council opted for a non-punitive resolution instead.

The practice of wearing sagging pants reportedly originated in the prison system where inmates are not given belts for their pants. Critics of the trend also say within the prison system the practice is seen as a signal to other inmates that the male wearing the sagging pants is available for sex.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Some black folks will only follow orders when they are given by the white man either sitting on the bench wearing a black robe, or in a blue uniform with a gun pointed at them…We should know that this is not decent behavior to be walking around showing your butt crack, undergarments that only you, your family physicians, wives, husbands or mother should be seeing…We have gone to the point where we are treating ourselves to be useless and expendable, as a result of our disregard for ourselves, we will be in a demonized position ready for extinction…

  2. Sharon says:

    In my opinion, many blacks behave as if the civil rights agenda/movement never occurred, Many of these blacks came from backgrounds originating from the welfare state. During the 1960’s , there was the civil rights movement/agenda. During that same decade there was a war on poverty also during the Lyndon Baines Johnson administration in which people received public assistance for housing and they received food stamps etc. Yet one has to wonder was that a back door sabotage to civil rights. I do not think a welfare state had nothing to do with civil rights. The movement was about integration. Furthermore, the civil rights movement was about moving blacks forward in society and not backwards. While many blacks were moving their lives forward. There were many blacks moving backwards. There were many jobs during the 1960’s and many were going in the wrong direction. Many young people are having children they should have never had in the first place. Many do not have a knowlege of black struggles and history at all. Children should not have children. They behave as if they are just not assimilated in mainstream society. I will hear many blacks become defensive and keep saying they act that way because of poverty. I find that interesting when many blacks were poor before but they had a sense of themselves and their history. They made sure their families stayed intact and were educated. A lof these moves occurred before civil rights and the welfare state came about. Yes, many whites receive welfare but they do not have the kind of history blacks in the United States derive from. When I first saw sagging episodes, I thought to myself this is nothing more than indecent exposure. These people will give another reason to be incarcerated. This downward spiral of not caring about themseves and others are playing out in a pathetic way daily. Many blacks have allowed their family members to decline. Many adults are not teaching their family members how to become good citizens and respectful of themselves and other. Often young people will speak in three and four letter words and make unflattering gestures. Coming out in public and behaving as if you were raised in the wild turns people off. Racism is not the only reason why many blacks behave in a neglectful way. If racism was the only reason, all black people would neglect themselves, . A lack of basic etiquette and being poorly educated will often lead to nothing good. If the behaviors are allowed to keep flourishing and left unchecked, extinction can arise. A tragedy has unfolded and many sat by silent and watched it continue. Sagging is the least of the worries for many of these young guys etc. Some retooling and training must take place. There is a state of emergency that should have been declared years ago. There is no black agenda since the federal government looks the other way. This country has human rights issues and act as if there are none. There are goverment officials who just want these blacks locked away and put out of sight and mind. To those in power, blacks are expendable and very pathological. Anybody in their right mind would not want to be a slave in any form whether it is being incarcerated or working the land from sun up to sun down. Sara was stating a fact about how many blacks are a subculture of uselessness. That subculture is not our history but unfortunately it is a part of our history now. It was never cool nor good.

  3. Moni says:

    oh well both Ladies above make Strong points, but if these boys don’t have Daddies in the home,what is wrong with their mama’s.
    I ask parent to be parents and stop being a friend!!!
    There are too many women who should locate their waist and leave skinny jeans and tights to anyone under 25 or could not afford a tummy tuck. Buy the next size shirt to give breast and stomach room to breath….

    are black people the only people who equate their personal wealth and self-worth by how they dress and hair (YAK vs Human). What if the Irish & Scottish men started wearing Skirts/Kilts…. would the public ask for a law- so we don’t have to see ugly legs?

    Veronica Lake
    “When they start arresting kids/young men for Sagging — maybe they should be put in a room with – men who are in prison for life and have their Mothers just watch what happen…. or have these non-gay boys feel whats its like to have a man make them into ‘girls’… maybe we would see how fast this trend changes.

    Her claim to fame came with her celebrated “peek a boo” hairstyle, which many women in the early 1940’s emulated, to the point where she was asked to change because it endangered the hair of female workers with armaments machinery!During WWII there was a movie actress who would wear her hair over her eyes until – the factories asked her to change her style because women hair was getting caught in machines….”

    OHHH they were white women getting hurt – so why can’t we tell JZ’s the PUFFYS – LT WAYNES – to help change the image that is ruining our boys.

    Lets ask why this fashion is being feed to our kids?
    See other ethnic groups grow up – they like the RAP and SWAG but they grow up get married ….

  4. porsha says:

    Great points ladies. This is one thing i know for sure, these So called ARTISTS do not live in black communities. Their children go to the best private schools away from most blacks and are getting superior educations, while our youth is being fed garbage and a false fantasy- and they know it.

    One day i walked in on my daughter who was a teenager at the time- listening to some rap with foul language( which most of it is), and i took all her CD’s, threw them on the floor, and began to jump up and down on them until they all were in pieces. She was so scared and looked at me like i was crazy and had gone mad. Then i made her pull up all the lyrics WITHOUT the music, and she could then understand why i went crazy. She began to see the subliminal messages of hate and disrespect, and then made a consience effort to not buy or listen to Filth.

  5. Taliba says:

    I don’t understand how people will so easily offer to give young Black males an easier time to have a criminal record than they already do. No, I don’t like the style; but to criminalize a fad? I don’t remember folks trying to make laws against mini skirts when I was a teen! People could sometimes see your entire a__ and don’t be the teacher that had to stand in front of a class of mini-skirted girls! I don’t know how teachers did it (especially males), without reacting. But the reason there wasn’t a thought of criminalization was because it was a cross racial fad.

    1. porsha says:

      Taliba, getting all tatooed up has become a fad as well, I am sorry when you have grown men and teenage boys walking around with tatoos on their necks, now they are following gucci, getting them on their face ,its gotten out of hand- period. As an older black woman- show me some dm respect when you are in my presence! How silly do young black men and some older ones look wobbling around with their funky draws showing?

      This fad was started with prisoners, then fake rappers started doing it but they can afford to look silly and get tatooed all up, but can the average young male that is just participating in a fad afford it- NO. I have seen young black men and women get offensive things tatooed on their necks, then wonder why they cant get a job even at McDonalds. I have seen young black men step inside an office with saggy pants, wanting to get hired but they never get a call back.

      If black males do not want to have another reason to be criminalized for their fads, then they need to pull their pants up and walk and act like the have some sense and pride about themselves!

      1. Xyr says:

        Say that to the 23972340927349087 white women with tattoo’s. C’mon…get outta here with that. I can’t tell you how many females I see with ink on em every day.

        It’s like you’re demanding all black men dress like Carlton Banks. My view is, I personally don’t care if prisoners are allowed to wear baggy pants or not..they’re in jail. They have no freedom.

        But regular citizen? They are free to dress however they want. Have whatever tattoos they want.

        Tired of the doubt standard. Kids can dress like fallout boy, but if he rocks it like Little Wayne then he’s a criminal? C’mon…. get out of here with that.

      2. videoteam says:

        Mnay Black men has tatooed themselves out of a future job. As Zig Zigular said. I”I will defend theire right to have blue hair, but I would not give him a jod”.

      3. Sarah says:

        Porsha, I agree 100% with you…This person, who did not have the decency to give themselves a decent blog title but “XYR”, who wrote these rebuttals to your comment, must be an idiot in need of a good A-whooping…This is the genocidal behavior we’re seeing expressed by the young and not so young which is going to result in ALL black people being demonized and readied for extinction…I can see the picture being painted, but this play station generation can’t see anything because they’re busy learning the newest dance steps… In the meanwhile, our oppressors and their children are buying up all the weapons and ammo they can get their hands on and heading to the firing ranges to practice their kill shots…

  6. Xyr says:

    White kids can wear tight ass jeans but a brother can’t sag his pants? Stop with the xenophobia. If no buttcheeks are showing then mind your business. I don’t like seeing your 12 year old daughters half naked, but you know what…that’s on you as a parent.

    Only with Black people do you find so many want to legislate dress codes.

    Give me a break.

    1. porsha says:

      Stop using the behaviour of others as a way to validate your off behaviour. Deal with the issue at hand with young black men. It is you that are going to jail at alarming rates, and lil wayne is not going to be there to bail you out! You have become a culture of disrespect….. you wont even give up your bus or train seat to a woman or elder, you curse in front of grown people, call each other n##gers in public, and so on….. So please XYR give us that have to witness and bear you all a break!

    2. Moni says:

      Xyr, I don’t know your age but YES THEY CAN —- white people have been and can do the F@#& they want and be Kings and Queens for doing it. We can not.
      Ask the age group born during ROOTS – and being Black and Proud…. When we start naming our children — who knew that would make it easier for a JOB to throw a resume in the garbage….. We may have some CEO’s and a President of USA – but how many black people lost a job after doing what a white person did at an office Christmas party

      1. Xyr says:

        Now this, I 100% respect.

  7. Sarah says:

    @XYR This is the most damn ignorant thing that i’ve heard in a long time…So is walking around naked if you want to, are we all supposed to take off our clothes and do whatever we feel like doing? There are laws and morale codes put in place in society for a reason, tatting up yourselves with images that is offensive or written in languages that you don’t speak or overstand, is not only foolish but damn ignorant…How do you know what’s written on you in Chinese or Japanese is not something offensive like calling you a ni**er? Being a follower instead of using common sense is the main reason a lot of young black men and women are in prisons with felony records for life…We keep this backward slide following the trends and traps put out by our oppressors children, we will find black people an extinct species like the dinosaurs…We are the ones being demonized in the media to show our uselessness since we’re no longer free labor, having black people like you condone this genocidal behavior will be the reasons we will find ourselves marched into gas chambers or shot down in the streets by law enforcement like they’re already doing…We have already seem the images of black men and women on TV in handcuffs, being the criminals, most diseased, most out of wedlock births, collect most public aid, etc when we only make up 13% of the total US population…This setup endorsed by people like you, will result in YOUR own extinction…

    1. porsha says:

      RIGHT ON- Sarah! They do not know what they are doing to themsleves as young men. They look so dm stupid holding their crouches to keep their pants from falling down along with walking wide legged to keep them from dropping to the ground. They are too ignorant and brainwashed to even see that they have been had by the very people that brought this foolish fad to the forefront- rappers.

      case in point Sarah, rapper Plies can speak proper english to the point where you would not even know it is him if you did not see his face YET he dumbs his audience down( young black fools like XYR) with explicit lyrics and broken teeth, tatts- the works, but i bet his home is not in the hood where his idols and fanbase thrive. Diddys son wears sagging pants, but also has a $300,000 dollar Maybach, several homes across the globe to chill at, a huge inheritance, and a career already in place for him, and the money to afford a good lawyer to escape any criminal charges that may come his way………………….

      So XYR, can you say the same? I doubt it…….get outta here and go get some pride about yourself and pull up those pants first!

      1. moni says:

        You are so Right about the Diddy child, but like him an every other Black person who is RICH because of Fashion Trends, Music an or Sports, when “a group of people” decide They all need to be made SMALL —- Diddy and all his baby Mama’s will be standing on the same soup line the rest of us will be on. LOL Now that NY has allowed GAY marriage and those that have been locked up since Rockefeller drug laws will be out — watch the next Topic be How come so many black men are marrying MEN.

    2. Xyr says:

      Let me break it down fo ya….last time I checked, this is America. If one isn’t showing backside, crotch, chest…it’s not illegal. Sorry. You want to legislate taste. Personally, I don’t sag my ish. I don’t like it, and I’m a grown man. I’m past that phase. But my point is…it’s not a CRIME. You can whine, cry, stop, complain, hate…all you want but at the end of the day it’s not a CRIME. Just like dressing like a skank isn’t a crime for a female. Low class? Arguably. Crime? No.

      But I’ve seen PLENTY of dudley do right type cats that are hard working human beings that dress that way and it isn’t a dead-giveaway for a “thug”. Were you complete absent in school when they taught you not to judge based off of appearance? Or do you assume every “Arab” person you see is a terrorist, too?

      Probably for as long as you live, you will continue to express yourself using negative stereotypes against anyone who looks or thinks differently than you. All stereotypes are “based on truth”. That’s part of the the definition. But people who engage in them, intentionally discount all exceptions, so that they can falsely depict an entire group. In other words, you live your life being intentionally dishonest about people you have decided to dislike.

      Please reply… I can break your weak psychology down all day…

      1. porsha says:

        XYR, break this down for me:

        1. how many times have you gone to the corner store in the hood and seen young black males loitering with sagging pants?

        2. how many times have you seen young black males walking up and down the streets with nothing to do but try to keep from triping over their sagging pants?

        Im not concerned with what white folk and their children are doing, what concerns me is that we as a race of people are losing an entire generation of black males due to foolishness. Just as you say young women can look skank, so can black males. And it is worse on a male because you are supposed to be the future heads of black households- not the tails. Whats even sadder is the fact that these young men know nothing about their history and that we come from scholars, Kings and Queens, pure royalty. All our ancestors died for us to live better than they did. You can say what you will but sagging pants= culture of disrespect. Every time i have encountered one of these young men, they have been direspectful cursing, saying the n word publically, and doing things they have no business doing. No one is saying throw them in jail and hide the key, but black males need to get it together and get some dignity like my dad and men of his era had. If they made all these saggy pants wearers go to jail for one week with their pants sagging so the men can see their butts- I BET YOU THEIR BLACK AZS WOULD NEVER WEAR THEM SAGGING AGAIN!!! They would be scared straight literally and figuretively- if you get my point…… go sell stupid somewhere else XYR.

      2. Xyr says:

        You’re not responsible for anyones behavior except your own. Hold yourself up to your own standards to live you life.

        Stop trying to be everyones mama and raise ya own kids.

  8. Sharon says:

    Sara is right. Demonization and criminalization will lead to a society in which they will be the next terrorist groups. We may see martial law coming soon if blacks in this country do not get a grip on all of this madness and mayhem among us. I hope it will never come to martial law, but they way this government is going ,with an extension of the Patriot Act signed into law by President Obama, we may see an extension of demonization and marginalization in which the wrong people will be gunned down with no recourse but to take them out. What a scary scenario to play out.

  9. Sharon says:

    Sarah, I apologize for leaving off the “h” in your name. Please forgive me for this major typo:-). We have been demonized since we have been in this country. Africans were profiled from day one after the “Mid Atlantic passage” with the fugitive laws and were enslaved based on the idea of being inferior and used as cheap labor.

    1. moni says:

      Lets say – the father was allowed to stay in the home during the 1960, 70, 80
      and if his girlfriend had his child – the government gave him higher education / training to support a family —- do you think we would see boys underwear, Metro-Sexual young men and girls in spandex and shirts that don’t fit….
      I doubt it, The ONLY REASON this who SWAGGING is a problem is it is out of the GHETTO –
      how do they play sports? ARE they all METRO-SEXUAL — do young girls really judge a man by the size of his butt? LOL

  10. porsha says:

    LOL Moni, you are off the chain, and no, i do not believe if a real black man was in the home that these young men would be walking around looking like bafoons. They want to be these rappers so bad, even with their language and mindset. Its sad how we are losing an entire generation of youth- especially black males to foolishness.

    1. Moni says:

      Hi Porsha:

      I guess the male children (under 30) missed the Rolling Stone magazine a few months ago: 50cent was in a 3 piece business suit. I brought a few copies and put in my nephews bedroom – next to the video hoes with huge butts…. with a NOTE if you want bling $$$$ you must look like the banker who is going to back you.

      i don’t know how old people are who have commented, but i am from the early 70’s we wore our afro’s and red/black/green with pride —- then those who Micheal Jackson sung about in “THEY DON”T CARE ABOUT US” came out with perms and Jeri curls — in-order to get those money jobs we realized we were forced to conform… we thought we were getting that equal chance… but they were always a step a head…. and most of my age group raised their kids in a LIFE IS EQUAL — i realized in my 30’s – they played us like fine tune piano…. I remember when HEAVY METAL had the video hoes – when we had RAP that taught history and how to activate the mind to succeed…. Well those same people (85% of the wealth goes to temple) cut out Hair bands — got the gunge and gave us high yella women / with hair/ an women became B and mental success changed to being a pimp/baller…. My age group did not pay attention because too many of us wanted husbands but were told we were Strong and need no-one but ours Sons, daughters an a Job… So I will take the blame for allowing this to go on…. I will take the blame for not marching when i noticed music changes and education dumping down… so I ask those who think they can do what white kids do…. I am sorry but you will never be that equal, REMEMBER THEY PUT MIKE VICK IN JAIL FOR KILLING DOGS…. and when u see Maria with 4 kids an no-one speaks English… Realize each one of those kids are worth 20k more to school system or corp job, because they are bi-lingual.

      OH check out how much Jail/Prison stock has risen — and guess who they plan to fill the spaces to keep the stockholders happy…. I have babbled enough….

  11. porsha says:

    Moni, i do remember the days when rap music was about moving forward and being proud of your culture, your blackness. Back then those young black men were making something out of nothing and good music…… then came gansta rap, disrespect of women, hatred towards other black males, and bafoonary.

    When i look at soulja boy, i have to ask where is his mother? It is obvious that he does not have a male in the home just by his actions. I was watching something and he appeared sitting with his fingers cluthced like he was mocking smoking a jay.

    See these thugs with money want to dumb down our children so much so that they will continue to idolize them and support their twisted agendas. When you have pride and respect about yourself you rise up against ignorance no matter who is selling it.

    The late C.Delores Tucker predicted what would happen to our youth when rap music changed for the worse, and she was oh so right. Disrepectful rappers including Tupac called this women some wretched names when she spoke out against this rising culture of disrespect……. now look where Tupac is -sadly dead by the very violence he perpetuated, And look where our children are…….as Sarah and Sharon both said——- headed for extinction.

  12. Taliba says:

    I am with you. As I said AGAIN: I don’t like saggy pants, nor do I like the tatoos that are now the fad to do (In fact one of my White PHYSICIANs is all tatooed!) My whole comment was, like Xyr; I don’t see the need to Criminalize the behavior. We are our own worst oppressors! As a psychologist, I have spoken to many a young man with sagging pants and explained to them how they will be unable to get a job if they go with sagging pants, dreds etc., do you know what they do? When they really want that job they clean it up! Some of the same (very bright) boys are now in college doing well. Why on this earth would I rather want them to be in jail, or ruin their futures by them being given a criminal record for something they could change? I am not so angry with our children; who are our future-to give up on them, and want them to go to jail because they are young and still open to fads etc, or because they didn’t give their seat up to someone on a bus. I would hope they can learn from their mistakes as they grow up; just like we did as kids.

    I too wore a huge Afro for years as a militant young teen in the 70s. However, in the end I went to Ivy League schools and learned ways to get over (including when to take out my braids or Afro when I needed to)! It was just learning the rules of the game that is played for Blacks. Thank God no one wanted to put me in jail (at least no Black person), for my Afro, mini skirt or Red-Black and Green everything!

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