ATLANTA (WAOK)– The city of Atlanta could be forced to pay $200,000 in a settlement over two men who say they were strip-searched during a traffic stop by members of the Atlanta Police Department.

Members of the City Council Public Safety Committee met Tuesday night to discuss the settlement and its outcomes.  City Councilman Ivory Young told the members of the council that this could cause greater problems if this case is not settled.  Councilwoman Yolanda Adrean expressed disgust that some of the officers are still on the payroll.

The settlement deals with three Atlanta police officers, members of the now disbanded Red Dog Unit, who pulled over Sean Venegas and Brian Kidd in June of last year on a traffic stop.  According to the two men, officers reached down their pants in the middle of a busy street. One man said he was subject to a body cavity search.

The vote to approve the settlement was unanimous.  However, the settlement will go before the full council for final approval.

Comments (3)
  1. Sarah says:

    Good for these young men to finally be able to put this mess behind them…200K is not enough money to compensate them for their public humiliation…I agree with the City Council Member who was questioning why these officers are still on the City’s payroll…A few more lawsuits like this, maybe a few bankrupt agencies/municipalities, might finally crumble the blue shield and officers might finally start from coming forward with information of their rogue colleagues…

  2. Rodrick says:

    Well done city council. With a substantive amount of African-Americans, whom of which are the majority in Atlanta now, according to the census, there should not be such nefarious activity invoked by the Fulton County Police Officers. I agree with Sarah, a few more law suits, some bankrupt issues could really raise some eye brows, only for the betterment. The city must maintain much more vigilance towards most of these police officers.

  3. SHAKKA says:

    good for them…

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