On Tuesday At 10:00 AM, our sister Raquel Nelson will be receiving her sentencing. We Ask that you come and support her; Dont Meet me there, BEAT ME THERE!!! So Meet us at the Cobb County Court House At:

12 East Park Square

Marietta, GA 30090 @ 10 AM


amy winehouse dead rip thumb 400xauto 21820 Too Much  Truth Recap: Ill See YOU In Court

Today we talked about the beautiful, talented singer Amy Winehouse as she passed this past Saturday which lead us to discuss the seriousness of substance/drug abuse . Also we touched bases on Raquel Nelson as we continuously to prayer for mercy. According to AJC, Raquel Nelson, 30, was convicted earlier this month of homicide by vehicle in the second degree, crossing roadway elsewhere than at crosswalk and reckless conduct in the Oct. 29, 2010 incident where she and her three children were trying to cross four-lane Austell Road to their apartment after getting off a Cobb Community Transit bus.   Click the audio links to hear some of the show…








To Read More on Raquel Nelson, click HERE



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