Knuckle Sandwich With Ketchup: McDonald’s Manager Fired After Allegedly Punching Customer

A Marietta McDonald’s manager has been fired after being accused of punching a mother who brought a service dog and her autistic children into the restaurant.  Tiffany Denise Allen  is charged with battery, assault, fear and disorderly conduct.

According to the warrant, Jennifer Schwenker entered the Marietta McDonald’s on Bells Ferry Road with her children and service dog on July 12. Allen was off dutry at the time and had her own child in the restaurant when she  confronted Schwenker about the dog being in the restaurant.

Schwenker explained to Allen that the dog was a service dog and by federal law has the right to be in any public place including the McDonald’s. Allen continued to berate Schwenker, following her around the restaurant and even into a bathroom.  During the incident, one of Schwenker’s twins disappeared. When the mother threw her cup to the ground and ran outside to look for her child, part of the drink soaked Allen’s pants.

Video of the incident shows Allen handing her child to someone else, several McDonald’s employees holding Allen back and then Allen following Schwenker into the parking lot, where she is accused of hitting Schwenker in the face.

Schwenker has reportedly hired an attorney to represent her in the case.  Allen is now looking for another job.

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    another wonderful example of the obama constituency…notice that we have to infer by the names that allen is black and scwenker is white…arm yourself. a (legally) armed society is a polite society.

    • jkent97

      haha – spoken like a true tea bagging idiot.

  • djo
    Yes this was a black beating a white and there is a good reason why the dog was needed



    • Grape Ape

      Look at the sign. McNiqqer’s is all Bantu 24/7.

  • Sarah

    This was very ignorant on this woman’s part…She should have know as someone in management working in a restaurant, that a working dog is allowed into eating establishments when accompanied by the owner, and not behaved like a school yard bully…She has potentially left herself open to a lawsuit and McDonald’s will most likely be brought into this suit since they’re the one with money, to compensate this woman for the alledged assault…

    • paulfromatlanta

      Plus, why weren’t the police called.
      An off duty manager harassing a customer and becoming violent…
      The on duty manager should be fired too.

  • SickOfTheRacistDumb@$$

    This isn’t a story about a Black beating a White. It is a story about a woman hitting the mother of two disabled children because she did not like the service dog in the restaurant. Get a @#$@# life. Two more racist idiots make their way onto the internet to spew nonsense on the comment section…. go back to school and learn something useful, or get the hell out of MY country (BTW, Nazi Germany no longer exists, so you’ll have to find some other idiot right wing regime to goose step to). Arm yourselves????? Please do… and do THIS COUNTRY a favor and be sure to look squarely down the barrell when you test the trigger, ok Einstein?

    • Tarmangani

      While your feelings may be justified your societal knowledge is lacking. Nazi Germany was a socialist state. The government ran everything. Just like liberals like it. I am guessing that you are a liberal since they are the ones ready to promote violence.

      • friendofHY

        Actually Nazi Germany was NOT socialist it was Fascist/ The difference being in Socialist countries the government OWNS everything in Fascist countries their is individual ownership BUT the government tells you how to run your business.


      • friendofHY

        Actually Nazi Germany was NOT socialist it was Fascist/ The difference being in Socialist countries the government OWNS everything in Fascist countries there is individual ownership BUT the government tells you how to run your business.


      • Larry

        That’s not correct. Communism owns the businesses, not socialism. But fascist, communist, Nazi or socialist, they are all Leftists/Marxists.

        Don’t you know that?

  • Beverly Hills

    This has nothing to do with race. This has to do with knowledge. The manager should’ve known the rules on dogs. If she didn’t know, she should’ve inquired before she acted. Before going up against a lawsuit and bad pubplicity, I don’t think McDonald’s would’ve r-e-a-l-l-y given a damn about the dog. Some people take their titles too far. Sistergilrl….manager… deserved this backlash. And yes, I’m Black. And by the way….if you were off duty….what difference did it make to you anyway. If you’re not working, you’re a customer just like she was and your concerns should’ve been reported to the manager on duty at the time of the problem. Part of being a manager…T-H-I-N-K !!!!!!

    • Philip B Kirschner

      They already have a black mark when a corprate store went after a iraqi war veteran officer who was a decorated hero.

    • WhiteBuffalo

      “This has nothing to do with race.”
      Really? If the person with the dog was black do you think this would have happened?

      • REALIST

        @Cletus, Sean Patriot, Jerry Allen

        “Cletus”, you show your own prejudice by your racial comments. Im just as much black as I am white and what surprises me is how many racial comments I have heard from Whites. Not one on here has been black prejudice towards whites. Only the other way around. Now can you wonder why there is actual stories of Blacks whipping some a$$. Because you are part of the ignorants who divide this country.

        Sean Patriot,

        I dont need to. Just like your two racist gods Sean Hannity and Bill O’Rielly, you refuse to acknowledge that a white person can attack a black person. And you want to hear one, I was jumped in Ocala Florida for being, what did they call it again? oh! For being a half ni99er. They must have the same viewpoints as you.

        Jerry Allen,
        Your an idiot.

      • REALIST

        Am i wrong for saying there is also white on black crime? Being white and black i bring to light faults on both sides, and yet i guess nobody can understand that every race commits crimes and every race has people with prejudice.

      • Cletus

        @Realist- If you were attacked by white people, which I doubt, you probably should stop trying to steal from them.

      • sean patriot

        Really REALIST? Show me all those white on black crimes. Please Im waiting

      • REALIST

        “Really? If the person with the dog was black do you think this would have happened?”

        It could have happened WhiteBuffalo. People on Drudge Report and similar sites, post stories of only black on white crime daily. A sad point, however, is that there is also white on black crime. Matt Drudge and others would put their lives down on the “fact” that there has been no violence towards blacks since slavery but any fair-sided website will show you both sides of violence. Im black and white and i have only been attacked by white people on two different occasions. Now, correct me if im wrong, but error is human. Its not black, white, chinese, pink blue or green. There are stupid poeple in both races who make bad decisions. Whoever disbelieves this should look inward towards their own prejudice before pointing at another to comment on his or her race.

      • Jerry Allen

        REALIST ….Well don’t steal a white man’s car and they won’t give ya a beat down….oh and look for all the WHITE flash mobs in Chicago, NY, Atlanta…there are none


      • JWnTX

        Realist–there may be white on black violence from time to time–but when there is, it’s shouted from the rooftops by the press and the left as evidence that America is a racist country. When black on white violence occurs, the race of the perpetrator(s) is never mentioned. In fact, if race is never mentioned in the story, I now automatically assume that it’s black on white violence. I KNOW that if it were white on black violence, the race of the perpetrator would be mentioned several times along with some gratuitous details like what party the perp voted for in the last election and/or what his/her television and reading habits were (if and only if they’re conveniently right-leaning). The press is responsible for creating more racism by this double standard. It’s stupid, short-sighted, and blatantly politically motivated.

  • Stop Obfuscating

    No, it does have to do with race. Certain types of people are less civilized, lack basic self control and are more prone to using violence as the solution to their problems rather than reason. That is why stories like this usually ‘star’ people of this ethnic minority race and why they are so prevalent. Just because it’s a stereotype does not make it untrue.

  • Solid Citizen

    The photo in the more informative Daily Mail suggests that this is a black on white attack as well as a an assault on a woman caring for disabled children, It seems Ms. Allen might have enjoyed too many fries judging by her posterior.

    Quo warranto, B.O.?

  • youdatproblem

    Why are you and your kind so stupid? There is a videotape of this animal doing what you animals do. So we know “whodat.” It be another thug ruining our country. (And if any freak ever followed me in the bathroom–much less yipping at me like this fat piece of garbage–you can be sure I would do more than berate him/her/it.)

    Now if you witnessed the event, I’m guessing from the video you are about 230 and unemployed. My advice: get off the computer and get a job so I don’t have to pay for you to stuff your gullet with Big Macs for the next 30 years. Thanks.

  • Philip B Kirschner

    Yes, but people who are disabled must be allowed to use facilities with thier equipment.

  • Scott Martin

    There is no such thing as “off duty” when someone is so insignificant that their title as manager is their only point of pride. I can’t wait for Mccy D’s to settle this one out of court, especially showing the manager “HOUNDED” (pun intended) the customer. If that is a Registered service dog, $$$$$.Or should I say “Dolla Bill Y’all”.

  • Philip B Kirschner

    Nazi germany liked to kill the disabled, frail elderly,and mentally ill individuals. Thid lady would have fit into Hitlers reigem well.

  • moonmac

    ADA is unconstitutional! If I owned a restaurant I should have the right to refuse to serve people that bring in dogs that have hair flying off them.

    • Exador

      The more people I meet, the more I like my dogs.

    • Pensieve

      Should you have the right to refuse people with wheelchairs? Some of the more hip places used to do that – thought it brought down the elite atmosphere, or cluttered the table areas.

    • Pensieve

      Some people can’t stand wheelchairs. Maybe they shouldn’t be allowed either.

    • Dianne

      Moonmac, the law has been on the books since 1990. How many service dogs have actually entered your business? Refuse entry to one of them and take ‘um to court. See how far that gets you. BTW, I know dozens of service dog users and their dogs are groomed well and extremely well behaved. Pets are not protect by law and should NEVER be allowed in businesses.
      This situation had nothing to do with race-it had all to do with ignorance, rudeness and McD’s gross lack of training.
      I just hope you never become disabled.

    • gesurvivor

      I TOTALLY AGREE MOONMAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Disabled or not, keep the damn dogs away from me!!!! I am sorry but these dog owners dont get it. The day will come when they push their way into allowing any pet in a public place for any reason. This is their agenda. Don’t tell me it’s not. THEY’RE FREAKS.

      • Mike

        You are a cowardly Jack Ass! I would love to kick your freak butt any time and anywhere. Lets go freak!

      • barkely

        I’ll make a deal with you. I’ll keep my dog away from you, and you keep yourself away from me. I’m more afraid of people like you, than I am of any dog. Plus, dogs are cleaner, better behaved and more trustworthy.

        Hate to tell you, but you’re the freak.

  • Al

    Like those burgers and fries weren’t punishment enough

  • Tamitee

    How exactly do you charge someone with fear?

  • BarneysFwank

    Put a black person in a position of power and this is what you get. Can you imagine if we elected a black president? Oh…oh God…

  • Knuckle Sandwich With Ketchup: McDonald’s Manager Fired After Allegedly Punching Customer

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  • RobertG

    Get a job? You are too harsh youdatproblem.

  • robert

    REALIST: “It could have happened WhiteBuffalo. People on Drudge Report and similar sites, post stories of only black on white crime daily”

    Black on white crime is out of proportion to a GREAT extent. There are so very few white on black beating incidents the news can’t report on what doesn’t occur.

    Blacks are but 12% of the population yet commit 58% of ALL VIOLENT CRIME. There are, on average 37, 500 black on white rapes in any given year, but near zero white on black. (US Dept. of Justice. FBI Uniform Crime Report.)


      OH! In 2009, 69.1 percent of all persons arrested were white, 28.3 percent were black, and the remaining 2.6 percent were of other races.

      Thank you for referencing the crime report!


      In 2009, law enforcement agencies reported that 3,816 single-bias hate crime offenses were racially motivated. Of these offenses:

      71.4 percent were motivated by ANTI-BLACK bias.
      17.1 percent resulted from ANTI-WHITE bias.

      Concerning murder victims for whom race was known, 48.7 percent were white, 48.6 percent were black, and 2.7 percent were of other races
      Of the offenders for whom race was known, 50.6 percent were black, 46.3 percent were white, and 2.1 percent were of other races

      And they (US Dept. of Justice. FBI Uniform Crime Report) do not give out ethnicity in the rape reports or violent crime areas so just because you put what you believe as correct on your comment does not make it true.

      • MarkinCollegePark

        The big statistic you are forgetting is that blacks are ONLY 12% of the population, but according to your stat, they commit over 50% of the murders. Wow, thanks for reinforcing what everyone already knows.

  • Harleyxx

    McDonald’s managers are not known for their intelligence. Being black just makes it even more pronounced.

  • gnubi

    Obama should hold a burger summit.

  • Harleyxx

    She be McHating!

  • McDonald’s Manager Fired After Punching Mother With Autistic Children

    […] (CBS Atlanta By Jean Ross) — A Marietta McDonald’s manager has been fired after being accused of punching a mother who brought a service dog and her autistic children into the restaurant.  Tiffany Denise Allen  is charged with battery, assault, fear and disorderly conduct. […]

  • why

    I would bet this is another black on white crime. obama has really turned the tide in race relations hasnt he?

  • Uncle Bernie

    You have to love the inner city negro. man, what happened to the great society?
    midnight basketball? what up?

    yo mama!

  • C. Brown

    It should be a hate crime for a black to attack a white – period. Be it for our race or because of the difference in economic situation it is still hate and it is seething over – in every city in America. Whites – start training yourselves friends and family.

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