Marietta mother, Racquel Nelson,  whose child was killed by a motorist while crossing the street has been convicted of vehicular homicide.  Join the conversation as we discuss this unnerving conviction.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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  1. porsha says:

    This is beyond outrageous! Just goes to show that this is not a post racial society and it only reaffirms my beliefs on why we as blacks should not look down on one another because we are truly all each other have.

    It is clear that the judicial system in Cobb that is laced with whites, clearly has no love, no compassion, or even respect for black women and or mothers. So how do we look tearing each other down when you have white law officials more than willing to send a grieving black mother to jail on trumped up charges and it is obvious they dont give a dm about the welfare of those black children.

  2. Celeste says:

    This is ridiculous! Since when has jaywalking been a serious crime(serious enough to go to prison?).I’m not debating the fact that jaywalking is wrong but it cost her her son’s life,isn’t that punishment enough? The poor lady has lost her child and gets 3 years whereas the inebriated motorist that ran over her son gets 6 months. The lady goes to prison for jaywalking but Casey Anthony gets away free, what is wrong with our justice system? As a non black person I can see this is blatant racism!

  3. SHAKKA says:

    stop singing and start swinging…Malcom X…

    stop singing to sweet jesus about these injustices…

    and start swinging with collective power. if the D.A. wants to assert his/her powers with such irresponsibility…as letting a TWO time convicted drunk hit and run driver walk with a six month sentence…

    then the people need to start swinging back with votes…

    it sends a message louder than any singing could ever do…

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